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Serve Remotely. Impact Globally.
As the world pivots to rely even more on technology, so has Outreach360. We are now offering virtual programs that connect volunteers from across the globe with our students in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Join us as we bridge cultures digitally and empower our students to reach their full potential. All it takes is a computer, an internet connection, and a passion for service.

"Being able to virtually intern through Outreach360 has been amazing, and just as impactful as the in-country experiences prior. I hope to once again visit in person, but I know that these students are getting a great education thanks to volunteers all around the world who join through virtual classrooms."
Brandon Roy, Cornell University
2020 Virtual Summer Intern

Give our students the opportunity of practicing their English skills through interactive activities, games, and lessons. In turn, grow your knowledge of the world through guided conversations about our students' countries and cultures.


With the support of a professional leadership team and curriculum, you will be providing the essential service of an English education to Outreach360 students. In turn, you will be receiving an invaluable teaching experience and training.


Outreach360's Extended Teaching Internship is ideal for Education and ESL/TESOL majors or Gap Year and Gap Semester students who are looking for service opportunities this Spring with a larger time commitment and an international focus.

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