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Our Mission

To inspire and empower people to reach their full potential and give back by expanding educational, leadership, and service opportunities.

Here's How We Do It: A 360° Approach!

Our Virtual Impact Program connects volunteers from across the globe with students throughout Latin America, who attend our after-school Virtual English Academy free of charge. Together, volunteers and students bridge cultures digitally and inspire and empower each other to reach their potential.


English Classes

Our students receive daily online English instruction from volunteers and staff. They participate in immersive English conversations with native and near-native speakers, complete  homework, and improve their literacy skills through our online library and learning platforms. They also develop technology skills that support them in navigating our increasingly virtual world.



Our students participate in daily online English or Spanish enrichment activities led by volunteers and staff. These activities expand their horizons, promote critical thinking, and teach valuable academic and life skills. Our students also share in community, visit with guest speakers, and attend special events through our virtual platform. This enrichment keeps our students motivated!


Life Prep

Our more advanced students take online college preparatory and/or vocational courses according to their interests.   They also prepare for internationally recognized English proficiency exams and  TEFL certification.  In addition, they undergo leadership training and partake in mentorships, internships, and apprenticeships.


Giving Back

Our older students give back by teaching English online to our younger students and leading enrichment activities online while supporting volunteers from across the globe. They also serve behind the scenes through special projects that contribute to our mission: student and volunteer recruitment, graphic design, communications, development, and more.

What Our Students and Families Are Saying

Thank you very much for teaching me something new every day! I love English and I want to learn it very well! You have been an example to follow since you treat us so well and teach with encouragement!

We are very grateful to Outreach360 for this great opportunity for our son. After the first week of English classes, our son began to say "good morning" in English and to address us as “mother,” “father,” “sister,” and he began to include what he had learned in his English class into his everyday vocabulary. Thank you for this great tool for our children, you are preparing them for their future as professionals.
-Timoteo's Parents

I want to thank you for all of your hard work that has been very useful for my daughter. Yesterday, she completed her school's English work and she did it without any difficulty. I want to clarify that before your course she had never taken any English classes. I have seen the progress that both my children have made with you and I wanted to express this. Many thanks.
-Sophia and Erick's Mom

Thank you very much for your contributions and love when teaching us!


Outreach360 Through The Years
Students and Volunteers From   25+   Countries
Thank You For Your Support!
There's still so much more to do. Here's how you can get involved:

Apply to Volunteer


Volunteers are at the heart of our organization, which is why we strive to make it easy to get involved and start making a difference immediately! As a virtual volunteer, you'll be supported 100% of the way. We'll provide you with orientation and training, curriculum and materials, and guidance to maximize your impact. We have opportunities for teenagers, young adults, and professionals!

Become a Student Sponsor

As a student sponsor, you make it possible for students to attend the Outreach360 Virtual English Academy at no cost to them or their families. Your sponsorship funds our Learning Management System, conferencing software, digital library, and staff essential in preparing our students for a life of choice. Become a student sponsor today and start making a difference in the lives of youth in Latin America!

What Our Virtual Volunteers Are Saying
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I would give this a super high rating as it was a great experience for me working with other kids. I feel that this experience will be something that will always be with me as I now have a new skill set, that helps me communicate not only with kids in general but, with people whom share a different language set. I really enjoyed seeing the kids understanding the material, especially when I was the one that got them to understand it. It feels good when you understand that you helped someone learn something new that they will carry on with them for a very long time.
-Hendrix Enciso
Pacific Ridge High School

If anyone would ask me to describe Outreach360 in one word, I would say limitless. Outreach360 has so many possibilities as far as how it can impact people. I know that it has definitely affected my students but it has also impacted me as a teacher. I seriously would have never been able to think that an introvert like me would be able to transfer knowledge and happiness to anyone else. I think that is the power of knowledge and kindness, and anyone can do it. It may seem hard at first or intimidating, but at the end of this internship, I've come out as a new person with new motivations and new visions for the future. Because of Outreach360, I now know that education is important and everyone deserves to have an equal education. Changes in the world are not just somehow made, they are made by leaders from new generations who have been inspired by others to continue sharing knowledge and to continue inspiring and encouraging others to do the same. I am proud to be part of Outreach360 and if you join, I can promise you that you will be too.

-Kristi Biswas

Paxon School for Advanced Studies


Honestly everything was a highlight, but seeing the children smile and laugh and enjoy themselves was amazing. Knowing that the children are truly learning from you and absorbing the information you give them is great. Hearing them speak perfect English makes your heart feel so full. Also, all of the staff that I worked with were a huge highlight as well. If you are considering becoming part of the Outreach360 community or just considering volunteering for any kind of nonprofit organization, I cannot think of a better organization to be a part of than this one. I have volunteered on three separate occasions for Outreach360 in three different circumstances and there is not a better experience out there that will give you a sense of belonging and purpose like this one does. This is more than just a volunteer experience, it is becoming part of something that is way bigger than yourself and a huge step to becoming a global citizen. Many people say certain experiences change their lives, but my experiences with Outreach360 was an experience that did more than just change my life. It hit a chord that most people may not feel in their entire lifetime. Words can't describe what these experiences have been like for myself and my family.

-Owen Frank

SUNY Geneseo

Being able to encourage and inspire the students is something I will forever be grateful for. This is an incredible opportunity to both serve others and grow in your own personal leadership and speaking skills. Each and every background and specialty have a part to play, with students so curious and eager to learn, diverse backgrounds were fundamental in creating an optimal classroom experience.
-Hannah Miller
Algonquin College