Welcome to the Dominican Republic!

The Dominican Republic is located in the Caribbean, between the islands of Cuba and Puerto Rico.  It shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti. It is one of the Caribbean’s most geographically diverse countries, complete with incredible mountain scenery, stunning colonial architecture, a fertile agriculture landscape and some of the best beaches this world has to offer. Although the Dominican Republic's lively culture and island vibe have made it known in the tourism industry, many residents in rural parts of the Dominican Republic still live in extreme poverty and children especially, as a result, face challenges in health, education, and crucial development opportunities.

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Dominican Republic

Outreach360 was founded in Monte Cristi, the Dominican Republic in 1994. Our founder, Tom Eklund, a former engineer for IBM, joined a Flying Doctors of America trip to the Dominican Republic as a volunteer. Near the end of his service trip, the team decided to visit and drop off supplies at an orphanage in Monte Cristi. Having grown up, like many children in North America, believing that he could achieve anything as long as he worked hard enough, Tom was struck by the very different reality the children at the orphanage were living. As he saw it, the lack of resources and opportunities available to them would stand in the way of them reaching their dreams regardless of how hard they worked. Tom founded Orphanage Outreach the following year. Over the last 25+ years, Outreach360 (formerly Orphanage Outreach) has evolved in many ways, but what has remained consistent is our vision of a transformed world in which every child can grow up living a Life of Choice regardless of socioeconomic status.