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Volunteer Abroad
Since 1994, over 22,000 volunteers have trusted Outreach360 as the community partner for their international service trip. Whether you're a college student, a retiree, a young family, or somewhere in between, we guarantee you will make a world of difference for our students and their communities. 
Our flawless track record in Health and Safety and our tried and true sustainability practices make us the ideal international volunteer organization for your next adventure.
“The highlight of the trip for me was finding and seeing how important I am in the grand scheme of the organization. I also loved seeing how the individual students had accomplished so much throughout one short week. This is an amazing experience and it will change your life.”
Alexis Avery, SUNY Oswego
The Perfect Introduction to International Volunteering
Volunteer with your Family

For 25 years, Outreach360 has provided safe and engaging service trips for families with children of all ages. You read that right; we don't have an age limit on who can volunteer. Learn more about how your family can make a difference for our students while staying safe and healthy.

Volunteer with your High School

Over 100 different high schools have trusted Outreach360 in leading their youth on a powerful service-learning trip. Learn how your high school team will work together to make a difference in the communities we serve and why parents can feel confident in this experience for their children.

Volunteer with your Middle School

As one of the few international volunteer organizations with no age limit, Outreach360 is a top-chosen community partner for Middle Schools. With 25+ years of experience and detailed on-site orientation, we are confident your middle schools can have an enormous impact with our students.

Volunteer with your College

110+ institutions in higher education have chosen Outreach360 as their community partner for alternative breaks and service-learning trips. Our college teams have the opportunity to experience an immersive and unparalleled approach to good sustainability practices and cultural competency.

Intern Abroad

Our competitively affordable, immersive, and empowering internship attracts students from all different backgrounds each summer. Learn what you can expect from your eight-week internship with us in the Dominican Republic!

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Volunteer with your Church

Outreach360 is a #1 choice for volunteers of every faith. Our diverse staff, volunteers, and leaders make us the perfect community partner for your next mission trip. Learn more about how your Church team can get the most out of an Outreach360 trip.

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