Our Volunteer Guide to the
Dominican Republic
Knowing Spanish

Knowing Spanish is absolutely not required to fully enjoy your trip to the Dominican Republic and be effective. We have had people participate who had a great time, and did not know what the word gracias meant!

That being said, we do encourage you to learn a little bit of Spanish to communicate to some degree with the kids. If you have taken some Spanish classes, it’s a good idea to brush up some before your trip. If you’ve never taken Spanish classes, we encourage you to look at a beginning Spanish book or download an app, such as DuoLingo. If you don’t have the time or interest to do this, don’t worry. You can communicate from the heart! Just be realistic with your expectations.

Helpful Spanish Words & Phrases
  • Hello. Hola.

  • Yes. Sí.

  • No. No.

  • Please. Por favor.

  • Thank you. Gracias.

  • You're welcome. De nada.

  • Good morning. Buenos días.​

  • Good afternoon. Buenas tardes.

  • Goodnight. Buenas noches

  • See you later. Hasta luego.

  • Do you speak English? Usted habla inglés?

  • I don't speak Spanish. Yo no hablo español.

  • I understand. Yo entiendo.

  • I don't understand.  Yo no entiendo.

  • What? What did you say? Cómo? Qué dijo? 

  • Where is the bathroom? Dónde está el baño? 

  • Men/Women. Caballeros/Damas.

  • Where? Dónde? 

  • How much? Cuánto?

  • Who? Quién? 

  • Why? Por qué? 

  • What? Qué?

  • How are you? Cómo estás? 

  • What is your name? Cómo se llama?

  • My name is... Me llamo...

  • How old are you? Cuántos años tienes? 

  • Let's go! Vamonos! 

  • Quiet! Silencio!

  • Enough! Suficiente!

  • Look! Mira!

  • Listen! Escucha! 

  • Wait! Espera!

  • Blow your nose. Limpie su nariz. 

  • Pick up the trash. Recoja la basura.

  • Don't pull my hair. No jale mi pelo

  • Don't hit him! No lo golpea! 

  • I like that. Me gusta.

  • Write it down. Escribálo. 

  • Share. Comparte.