Our Volunteer Guide to the
Dominican Republic
Personal Items to Bring

We strongly recommend you read over the Outreach360 dress code before beginning to pack. That will provide great insight on what clothes you are going to need while on your Outreach360 service trip. Below is some additional information on what personal items we recommend you bring

What to Bring

If you've read the Outreach360 dress code, you know that you are expected to wear an Outreach360 t-shirt almost the entire time you are in the Dominican Republic. We will provide a clean Outreach360 t-shirt for you every day once you arrive on-site. However, we do encourage you to bring a couple of your own shirts, in case the power is out or the washing machine is broken and we can’t wash all the Outreach360 t-shirts.

You will not have an opportunity to wash items during the week. Our washing machine is strictly used by Outreach360 staff to wash bedding and Outreach360 t-shirts. So, make sure you bring sufficient underwear, socks, etc. for a full week. Volunteers staying more than one week will be able to wash clothes on the weekends.

We recommend bringing a firm pair of sandals and tennis shoes for daily footwear. Please bring a pair of closed toed shoes for teaching. 

Weather during the winter and spring can be chilly at night and even during the day, you should bring pants and a jacket, just in case. Even in the summer, a light sweater or windbreaker is good to have.

In addition, please review the following list for other items we recommend you bring:

  • Your passport

  • Mosquito repellent. Extra mosquito repellent. We suggest mosquito repellent with DEET.  Also, a long sleeve shirt and long pants for times when mosquitoes are bad.

  • A portable battery powered fan for sleeping, especially if the heat bothers you.

  • Sunscreen.

  • A flashlight with extra batteries.

  • A personal water bottle.

  • Twin sheets, a towel, an airline-style blanket/throw, and washcloths. (Sheet and towels and blankets and pillows are optional, they are available on-site)

  • Foam Earplugs (The chickens and donkeys can be loud at night!)

  • A camera, extra camera batteries, and memory. Double the memory you think you will need.

  • Personal toiletry items, including soap, you may need. Instant hand sanitizer is helpful.

  • Items for stomach issues, just in case: Pepto Bismol, Immodium, etc.

  • An extra pair of glasses or contacts, if you use them.

  • A plastic garbage bag to store your dirty clothes.

  • A change of clothes for each day of teaching and free time, a change of clothes for an optional church service, and a change of clothes for the beach. Please refer to our dress code when packing clothing. Note: laundry will not be made available for one-week volunteers.

  • A watch and alarm clock feature—you will be responsible for managing your personal time, including your wake-up time.

  • You will have access to a charging station for your camera and phone; no special European type adapters are needed.


You will be able to store your passport, extra emergency cash, phone, and electronics in an Outreach360 safe or secure area for you to retrieve at the end of your service time with Outreach360. All other valuables that you bring should be kept with you at all times.


We ask that you put your phone away when you arrive at your Outreach360 location and truly embrace the local culture of living in the moment. We will not provide wifi during the week and encourage all of our volunteers to disconnect. You can store it in the Outreach360 safe or one of our secure areas for the remainder of your trip if you'd like. You will have access to an Outreach360 phone to call home when you arrive. Note: multi-week volunteers will have limited access to wifi throughout their service time.


Some airlines allow you to bring two large (up to 50lbs.) pieces of luggage to check; you should confirm this with your airline. We request that you bring all personal essentials and one week of clothing in a carry-on bag, as it can take up to a week to return to the airport to pick up lost luggage. We request that you save as much space as possible in your two large suitcases for donated items.