Outreach360 Virutal Impact Program
Virtual Volunteer Comments


I am incredibly happy with this program! I would tell someone considering joining the Outreach360 program that they will not regret it. At first, I was scared to participate in fear that my Spanish was not good enough or that my anxiety would prevent me from effectively teaching the students. I was completely wrong. In this Outreach family, I have found kindness, passion, dedication, and a sense of community. Everyone I met was there to support me, whether it was the students helping me expand my Spanish vocabulary or the teachers who I worked with along the way. I am so grateful to have gotten to experience such a wonderful program, and I will definitely be coming back in the future.  

Paloma Guerin, Red Mountain High School

British Columbia

The highlight of my experience was definitely seeing the students every day and teaching them. Their smiles made me smile and that was worth the entire experience. Being a remote intern with Outreach360 was one of the best decisions I could have made, especially during this time in the world. While chaos is exploding around us, in so many different forms, I found something that brought me peace. It not only served others through education during a time that created harder conditions for students across the world to learn, but brought me happiness and fulfillment that also transferred through the computer from my home in Canada to the students in the Dominican Republic. I am so glad I decided to partake in such a rewarding program, as although I didn't move from my home, it still felt like an adventure.

Gabrielle Freeman, University of British Columbia


This experience reminded me of what it's like to be a kid. All my students have endless dreams for their futures and show up to class everyday with so much joy and gratitude for the opportunity to learn. To be able to play a small role in building towards their dreams is a very humbling experience that I will always cherish. In many ways, they have all played a part in creating my future, and I plan to carry their joy and gratefulness with me beyond this virtual internship.

Camryn Pedersen, University of British Columbia

The highlights were seeing the kids grow and when they would understand something new. This internship was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Hannah Baumgard, West Point Grey Academy

I believe that this has been one of the most valuable experiences I have ever had. My best moment was when one of my students wrote a paragraph to us describing how much of an honor it was to be part of the program. 

Maya Delen, West Point Grey Academy

I definitely saw significant growth with the group of kids I was with! They started out to be quite timid and still kind of scared to speak up. But now, they are eager to participate and show off what they know! I think Outreach360 is an awesome opportunity for everyone who wants to help others and want to pursue future careers in education!

Michelle Linn, West Point Grey Academy

I believe everyone should experience an Outreach360 internship as helping others in a different country is heart warming. I am glad I was able to meet my students and I will cherish this experience for the rest of my life.

Kevin Wong, West Point Grey Academy

It's a really fun environment that allows for you and the students to both improve. Joining Outreach360 and watching the progress of the students is truly spectacular. A highlight of the internship was when the students in the class could hold a conversation with each other on the topic that was given. From the beginning of the internship, they were all very shy and they only had basic English skills, but it seems they have really made a lot of progress since then. That was a great accomplishment.

Kevin Li, West Point Grey Academy


There are countless highlights that come to mind when I reflect on my remote intern experience, but all of them relate to the students and their excitement for learning. Each student displayed their unique personality in different ways throughout the weeks, and these memories will stay with me forever.

Eliza Williams, Polytechnic High School

I communicated love through positive reinforcement and validation. I made sure that they are not afraid to get an answer wrong.

Nicholas Duncan, Polytechnic High School

I have learned a lot from this internship. First, I think I have learned a lot about problem-solving as I have never worked on zoom before in a setting like this. Second, I have learned how to instill confidence in my students and make the learning experience fun.

Margaret Sweeney, Polytechnic High School

I really just loved working with the students every day. In a time of so much turmoil, my internship with Outreach360 truly gave me purpose and a source of positivity. I cannot praise these students enough for being excited, engaged, and energetic every single class. Although working with the students was undoubtedly my favorite part, the Interview Series was definitely one of my favorite parts of the internship and I also really enjoyed my Spanish conversation classes. Outreach360 truly makes volunteering easy. With the new online program, there is an accessibility to service-learning and volunteering that never existed before. I believe that at a time when most people are searching for sources of positive change and purpose, Outreach360 is a perfect opportunity to spend your time constructively to help others. It takes so little effort and time on your part to make the greatest difference on a student that otherwise would be lacking access to educational opportunities, and I cannot recommend this program enough.

Taryn Kim, Polytechnic High School

I truly believe that Outreach360 is an important organization to help bring English advancement opportunities to underprivileged students. I have repeatedly recommended the program to family and friends because I believe that Outreach360 makes a difference in the communities it serves. However, I don't think that the students are the only ones that come away from the program with something special. Teaching students through this program has taught me so much about service, the importance of education, leadership, patience, kindness, and more.

Taryn Kim, Polytechnic High School

Highlights were hearing the students talk about themselves and their lives and getting to know them! I loved when they would tell me about their weekend plans, answer icebreakers creatively and talking about things that they love. Also seeing actual progress be made in their learning! I recommend this remote internship to anyone who feels curious about what it means to be a global citizen. They will get to know bright and creative students and bear witness to a culture that bears both similarities and differences to our own. Being remote, these weeks had aspects of both familiarity and complete newness, and it was comforting to be in a space I know and love while still feeling connected to the world.

Sarah Chin, Polytechnic High School

Becoming a virtual intern was one of the best volunteering experiences in my life so far. I think Outreach360 has a very structured program, and so it doesn't take away from your teaching experience. The kids are just amazing, and you definitely connect.

Maddy Kwei, Polytechnic High School

Outreach360 is an amazing program that not only provides an opportunity for you as an individual to serve a community and make a difference in the world, but also teaches you so much about who you are as a person and other ways to help. I loved my experience as a remote intern, and it is a wonderful alternative to in-person volunteering. While on zoom, the distance between you and the students does not feel very far. The future lies with children, and it's everyone's job to offer them an education so that their opportunities become endless.

Aria Wang, Polytechnic High School

The English class was always so fun! I loved connecting with the kids and asking them questions such that I now know what most of them want to be when they grow up, etc. It was more than a class; it was a little community!  If this type of work is something that they're interested in, Outreach360 is the perfect place to do it. It's incredibly enriching and a great way to give back.

Olivia Jessner, Polytechnic High School

I have learned how to engage students better in lessons, and have improved my improvisation skills while teaching. I have learned that making big facial expressions and props help to teach a lesson and improve understanding levels.

Kelsye Simpson, Sonoma Academy

What I've learned from this internship is that I've learned how to better communicate with people, especially with people from different countries. I've also learned how to be patient and to listen to others, even if I can't understand them or if they can't understand me.

Vanessa De La O, Sonoma Academy

I will make the most out of my last two Saturdays with my students by keeping them excited to keep learning and have fun.

Fatima Rojas, Sonoma Academy

I think I'll continue to ask students more personal questions and try to get them to speak and engage more/ just get to know each other and have fun because now we have a little bit more trust I feel like we can do that. I tried to do that a little bit more this class, like asking specific questions about the difference between something in the themes we're talking about in their countries vs mine.

Avani Borton, Sonoma Academy

My specific highlight was playing Simon Says. I played it with the students for about 30 minutes. It was really fun and I really connected with the students. This is an amazing experience to build connections with people from other countries which can be really hard to do especially during a pandemic.

Izzy Weaver, Sonoma Academy

Getting to know my students was one of the best parts of the internship. Seeing their will to learn and the smiles on their faces when they accomplished something new was really special. Outreach360 is an amazing place to connect with other cultures and an environment full of learning and growth.

Kiana Marckx, Sonoma Academy

Do it! You won't find another experience quite like this one, especially one where the staff cares so much about your experience and the students. It's a wonderful environment to be in and I would totally recommend you do it.

Freyja Kremer, Sonoma Academy

The students loved to talk about the subjects, and to actually understand what they were saying in Spanish made it so much more meaningful. Outreach360 is an amazing program. The experience and opportunities you get talking to and teaching the students is unlike anywhere else.

Ulises Frick, Sonoma Academy

Everything was a highlight. I can't express how eternally grateful I am to have met the people I did. Seeing the smiles on everyone's face after class truly is another feeling of accomplishment and proudness. If you want to really make a difference but learn a lot on the way I would definitely recommend this internship.

Meli Rodriquez, Sonoma Academy

I really enjoyed introducing parts of my life into my students' lives. I enjoyed the small things like teaching them what a bobblehead is and showing them fencing. Outreach360 allows you to connect with people who teach you life lessons.

Nate Simonson, Sonoma Academy

Outreach360 gives us a great opportunity to share and learn the culture and languages of Spanish-speaking countries. I would recommend signing up!

Jayhyun Suh, Sonoma Academy

In this internship, I've learned a lot about Nicaraguan and Dominican culture. I've also learned some unique words in Spanish that I otherwise would not have learned. It's been tricky to communicate with native speakers, but I've definitely gotten better by the end of this internship!

Molly Biggs, The Branson School

Outreach360 is a completely unique experience and a phenomenal way to create bonds and connect with people from places you might not visit in-person.

Chris Schneider, The Branson School

There were definitely some cool and small moments that were highlights for me. But I'd say the biggest highlight was watching them progress as English speakers and improve their skills. Outreach360 isn't an organization or a program - it's a community. We all have a common goal to provide opportunities to kids where they can reach their full potential, and by giving, we receive.

Tucker Fisher, The Branson School

The moments in the classroom with my students were definitely the highlight of my experience this past month. When my teaching partner and I had just explained a topic, to see them all raise their hands with questions or comments to add to the discussion was the best feeling. I felt like I was truly teaching them. I feel like there's no better way in these times to expand your worldview and horizons without ever leaving your house. The lessons you learn from your students and peers will stay with you forever and change how you see the world.

Isabella Fish, Crystal Springs Upland School

It will bring a smile to your face every single session. You will learn so much about yourself and so much about your students, even through a screen. I thoroughly enjoyed logging on every weekend to discuss gross insects, extreme sports, or even just farm animals.

Isabella Fish, Crystal Springs Upland School

A highlight was when the kids would bring things to class from around their house that were relevant to what we were talking about. They were really proud that they were able to connect the dots and share with their teachers and classmates. Not only do you get to teach kids and expand horizons for their future, but you also are able to develop your leadership and communication skills and meet amazing people around the world who share the same passion for education and equal opportunity.

Malyka Ram, Crystal Springs Upland School

This was a valuable internship that helped me develop my own skills while helping the community. 

Nambita Sahai, Crystal Springs Upland School

I really enjoyed seeing students be able to grow as speakers and also being able to have meaningful conversations in Spanish with them.

Kimya Bhargava, Crystal Springs Upland School

It is such an amazing experience where you have the opportunity to interact with students from across Latin America. I always felt over-prepared for classes thanks to the orientation session and teaching tips that were provided throughout the internship. You are able to help your students, and they in return are able to help you.There are not enough great things I could say.  

Amanda Lo, Crystal Springs Upland School

I have learned a lot about the cultures and countries of the students in the Spanish-speaking course and I find it all so interesting. In the English course, I have learned to be more patient and encouraging with the students and to make sure to pronounce and repeat everything a lot to help the students get a better understanding of the words. I have also learned through this internship that there's so much out there in the world worth exploring and I really hope to visit Nicaragua and the other countries my students are from once covid passes.

Franny Chilton, Westridge School

It's a very fun experience and I highly recommend it. We are provided with all the materials we need to teach so there is no extra work, and the students always show up to engage and have fun. It's also a very rewarding experience getting to see the impact you have on someone that you've only known for a short time! My highlights are just getting to teach the students in general because they are fun, but to be more specific one of my highlights was when we were playing Gravity and all the students were super eager to participate and yelled out the words when they saw them. It was really rewarding to see them so excited to know the words!  

Franny Chilton, Westridge School

It is an amazing experience. As an introvert, I can say Outreach360 made it easy to step out of my comfort zone by providing copious resources. If a person is considering interning, they must be passionate or at least interested in teaching. I would recommend this program strongly to anyone who liked to interact with other people.

Bibi Richardson, Westridge School

I thoroughly enjoyed my internship, and I think it was a great learning opportunity, as well as a chance to expand my borders and try something new.  

Gwen Laats, Pacific Ridge High School

I really enjoyed seeing the kids understanding the material, especially when I was the one that got them to understand it. It feels good when you understand that you helped someone learn something new that they will carry on with them for a very long time.

Hendrix Enciso, Pacific Ridge High School

I really loved getting to know the students and teaching them and watching them grow. The highlight was definitely seeing how much they have changed and opened up and how much they have learned. I am so glad I choose to spend my summer with Outreach360 and the children in Nicaragua. I learned so much that I would not have learned anywhere else. This experience was truly life-changing and I am so grateful I was able to be a part of Outreach360.

Bhavya Yarlagadda, Valley Christian High School

Outreach360 has given me the opportunity to help other students who are looking to learn more. Not only have I helped them, but they have also helped me, which I find amazing.

Bhavya Yarlagadda, Valley Christian High School

This is a chance to be a part of something bigger than yourself. It's an amazing opportunity to serve students with so much enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

Victoria Alexis, University of Southern California

Outreach360 is an amazing organization that offers much support and creativity in its teaching aspects but also in the other parts such as the social justice/change meeting. It deeply impacts the students directly and you can see how your commitment affects the community. With great staff and organization, Outreach360 is a life changing opportunity. (You must be dedicated though!)

Nova Queen, Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies Magnet School

I just loved talking and getting to know all the kids I worked with - they were amazing. If you are looking for a unique, meaningful, and perspective-changing experience, join Outreach360! They do such an amazing job of connecting you with kids in other countries and you learn so much about other cultures, ways of life, and life experiences. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and please take advantage of it!

Sydney Fish, Menlo School

I think I created an opportunity for my students to grow as English speakers while at the same time creating an opportunity for myself to practice my Spanish from Outreach360 students. I loved the assignments where we asked the students a question and they drew their responses on a whiteboard. We got to see interesting drawings and insights into our students.

Ron Natarajan, Head-Royce High School

I felt that is was a great experience and just a fun time to talk with other people your age and teaching something that you know! I find it gratifying to see the progress these students have made since the beginning and  would recommend this experience to anyone who likes to teach and just talk to others!

Savannah Wong, The Athenian School


Some of my highlights were seeing the joy and excitement on each of the student's faces as we began our classes. Outreach 360 has truly changed my perspective on the world. I learned so much from the students in just four short weeks. What an incredible experience!

Isabella Fernandez, Fountain Valley School


My highlights were watching the kids come to class very excited every day, hearing them share stories about their lives and getting to know an amazing group of kids. Being an Outreach360 intern has been one of the most inspiring and eye-opening experiences of my life. The Outreach360 staff, interns and children are all amazing. I want to do this internship all over again!

Maddy Baines, Fountain Valley School


To pick one highlight is hard, since every moment we had were amazing in my opinion; laughing, joking, while still learning science in a new language for the students is something truly amazing. To me, time is a very valuable asset. Outreach360 must have meant a lot to me if I dedicated 100 hours of my summer to an experience that not only benefit the students I serve, but also benefited myself.

Phan Dao, Fountain Valley School


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience many things, from teaching to learning about another culture.

Kyle Kim, Kent Denver School

If you love learning, as well as helping others in their own personal development, this is the place for you. I am so grateful for this opportunity I had to further develop my Spanish, as well as the added benefit of positively impacting the lives of others around the world in my effort to help them learn English. I say go for it! I am definitely going to do this again. 

Mitchell Hiddessen, Colorado School of Mines


Being able to connect with the students on a personal level impacted me greatly. I enjoyed getting to know them as not just students but also individuals. Their personalities and intelligence shined through brightly during every class, and I looked forward to working with them each day. The ability to form connections with these individuals is an invaluable opportunity. During every word spoken and every class taught, they look up to you. Sharing your knowledge with them gives them opportunities they would not get otherwise, and the experience of impacting their lives on such a large scale is unforgettable.

Isabella Yoo, The Hotchkiss School


Hearing from one of our classes, repeatedly, that they were super excited for class and that they always looked forward specifically to our class made me feel really happy and confirmed for me that our teaching was making a positive impact and that they were enjoying what we were teaching to them. Though I sometimes felt extremely nervous before classes since I wasn't sure if things would go smoothly, the feeling of being on the screen in front of the class and teaching made me feel so confident. I am positive that this experience improved my Spanish skills, which I know will help me in the extremely challenging Spanish class ahead of me this school year. The laughs and smiles that we shared in our classes will surely stick with me.

Sydney Goldstein, The Hotchkiss School

The Outreach360 experience is like no other. I highly recommended it to everyone. You learn some much and it is always a blast teaching the kids.

Whit Ravenel, Salisbury School

 I'm so happy and proud of my experiences at Outreach360, and wouldn't take them back for the world. 

Lucy Homer, Hall High School



Highlights include seeing the kid’s growth, seeing the connections we formed throughout this past month, and seeing them get excited to learn. Every time we made them laugh, or saw a smile filled with pride from a correct answer was a highlight for me. I would 100% recommend this program. I have learned so much, not only about teaching, but also about myself through the students. Their eagerness to learn is truly inspiring, and I loved this experience so much. I would definitely do it again, and would highly recommend you to do it.

Lior Silberman, Pine Crest School

These past twelve weeks, every Saturday, I volunteered as a remote intern teaching English to underserved Nicaraguan/Dominican Republic students, and raised 500 dollars for the organization. Using a variety of interactive games and activities, I was given the opportunity to virtually teach my students, while forming a personal connection with each of them, and make an impact on their lives. The goal was not only to teach them English, but to inspire them to have a positive outlook on what education can be. Also, English is greatly beneficial to their future and I was very appreciative to play a role in teaching them. I learned more about how I can use the knowledge and skills Pine Crest has taught me in order to make a positive impact on other student’s lives around the world. These children are so happy to learn, and I am disheartened to know that there are more students around the world who have yet to get opportunities such as these which will allow them to grow. But, I am very glad I took part in this tutoring program, and got to know all 20 students in both my classes. 

Lior Silberman, Pine Crest School

My highlight of the remote internship with Outreach360 was watching the kids learn and flourish throughout the month. It was really inspiring to see how much they wanted to learn and improve. Becoming an Outreach360 remote intern will not only directly impact the students in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, but it will also impact you. I learned so much from both my students and from my professional development class and Spanish class.

Anna Medrano, Pine Crest School


I loved getting to watch the progression of each and every student Annarose and I taught within both English classes. Many of the students started off hesitant to answer questions and participate, but by the final day, our students spent the class period successfully answering questions based on the information we taught them, as well as laughing and smiling all together as a class. Seeing the excitement, the students had when we greeted them before each class was a memorable experience, and their sad expressions or remarks when we said goodbye allowed me to recognize the true impact of our teaching. I would tell future teachers and anyone who is interested in Outreach360 that they should definitely take part in an experience that will not only positively improve the education of others, but will allow them to take away valuable leadership and life skills, while learning about unique cultural aspects and even the Spanish language.

Delaney Gertz, Pine Crest School

Providing the students with the opportunity and resources to gain an education has been a fulfilling experience. It is amazing to see how motivated the students are to learn and how their efforts pay off in just four weeks. Outreach360 is an amazing opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of students that may not have many educational resources. 

Michael Wexler, Pine Crest School


Highlights were getting to see all the students become enthusiastic about learning and see their improvements. Outreach360 was a wonderful experience where I could help change students' learning experience, and learn a few things myself.

Gabriel Bernick, Pine Crest School


Highlights were seeing the students smile when they understand a topic, seeing them laugh and have a fun time with the games we played with them, improving my Spanish skills, and learning about the food, history and culture of the Dominican Republic. This is a wonderful internship because you can improve your Spanish skills, meet interns from all around the world, improve your leadership skills, and most importantly, you can make a positive difference in the world and help others reach their full potential by educating students on their favorite subjects.

Amandia Farsedakis, Pine Crest School


This was the first time I had ever been a part of an organization like this and it was such a fantastic experience. At first, I thought teaching on Zoom would be less interactive, but I soon discovered that it could be just as interactive and just as exciting as being in person. The students were all so attentive and happy to learn English. We did a variety of activities and games that really made them interested and focused. Over time, I watched them grow as English speakers and I was so glad I was able to make an impact and teach them so much in only 12 weeks. They have come so far since the first day. 

Jillian Tashjian, Pine Crest School

If anyone would ask me to describe Outreach360 in one word, I would say limitless. Outreach360 has so many possibilities as far as how it can impact people. I know that it has definitely affected my students but it has also impacted me as a teacher. I seriously would have never been able to think that an introvert like me would be able to transfer knowledge and happiness to anyone else. I think that is the power of knowledge and kindness, and anyone can do it. It may seem hard at first or intimidating, but at the end of this internship, I've come out as a new person with new motivations and new visions for the future. Because of Outreach360, I now know that education is important and everyone deserves to have an equal education. Changes in the world are not just somehow made, they are made by leaders from new generations who have been inspired by others to continue sharing knowledge and to continue inspiring and encouraging others to do the same. I am proud to be part of Outreach360 and if you join, I can promise you that you will be too.

Kristi Biswas, Paxon School for Advanced Studies

I communicated love by encouraging students when learning to speak English and even communicate about their own culture in Spanish. I try to make our discussions and the students feel not judged when making mistakes.

Luna Karshis, Palmer Trinity School


This experience is one of a kind. It is one of the only opportunities you are going to come across to not only make an impact on students in a similar manner as you would if you were in person, but also to develop self-confidence, leadership and language skills, and a deep appreciation for the Dominican/Nicaraguan culture.

Annie Class, St. Stephen’s Episcopal School

Being a remote intern with Outreach360 is a truly unbelievable and enlightening experience. Every day you are greeted by students with such a passion for learning, palpable enthusiasm, and a positive attitude that is intoxicating. By being a remote intern, you are making a profound impact on people thousands of miles away; encouraging them to live their best lives, and bettering your own in the process.

Jackson Crass, The Episcopal School of Jacksonville


Outreach 360 has the most positive learning environment that could ever be imagined. There is nothing better than serving through this organization and being able to first-hand see the difference that you can make in these young students' academic journey. Opening up Zoom and seeing their smiling faces and eagerness to learn brings hope for our future generations through seeing their love and passion for learning. You will probably learn more from these students than what you could ever teach them by their resilience and their passion for learning. There is no better organization to be a part of and Outreach360 will forever be a part of my life and I will always be Outreach360 because of the experiences and the love that I have felt from them and for them. 

Daniella Tomaselli, Kennesaw State University

The highlight was feeling the kids' love for learning, their passion, and simply the love that they had to share. Becoming an Outreach360 remote intern will be the absolute greatest blessing that would ever be bestowed on your life. You will learn twice, if not more, than what you will teach. Making that personal connection with these amazing kids is something that you will always love and cherish forever.

Daniella Tomaselli, Kennesaw State University

Highlights were being with the kids, and interacting with the interns and learning so much about them. This internship made me want to be a teacher more than ever. This is a great way to meet amazing people and spend quality time with kids and just being able to talk and listen to them and the joy that it will give you. Thank you so much for giving me the best teaching experience ever. This has taught me so much about treasuring the little things in life and how precious those little things really are.

Dante Tomaselli, North Cobb Christian School

I have learned so much from many great teachers and leaders and that gave me the skills that I have learned in order to be the best teacher I can be. 

Dante Tomaselli, North Cobb Christian School


I have learned to take a chance. This internship came out of the blue and with little time. I was hesitant to try it, but after looking into Outreach360 and the work they have done, I decided to act. And that was, hands down, one risk that turned out right. Despite many stressful events, this opportunity to talk with native Spanish speakers has been a highlight of my semester. Being a teacher has been daunting, but my other teachers and Lead Teacher Audrey have been very supportive during this process. The students were all very kind and shared our patience with miscommunications. Learning about their way of life and beliefs has broadened my own perspective. This internship has taught me that some risks are well worth taking. I am most proud of my students! Despite prior and current internet connection issues, four of our students prevailed in attending the science class. This was especially difficult for the three people last week right after the storm, as we had progressed to an advanced lesson. They were persistent in staying in class and amazing when they could participate! The Spanish class is getting better as well as both teachers and students are asking and answering more questions and with more in-depth answers. The students really are the highlight of my Saturdays! I communicated love by asking my students questions about their day and themselves. I think it is important to do that (even if frozen with nerves) because it shows them that we care about them, not just the class or what they are learning. I think I also continued to communicate love in my Spanish class by asking specific questions about their culture and the people in it to specific students, thanking them for correcting my pronunciation, and showing a genuine interest in what they had to say.

Nahdirah Muhammed, Columbus State University

I had a great time teaching the students English and I was also able to learn some Spanish. I loved doing games with the students learning English because they would get really excited about it. You have so much fun connecting with other students and feel like you really helped.

Max Pargman, Riverwood International Charter School


Outreach 360 is a program that I am glad I participated in. The organization showed much support and encouragement to the interns, it is a unique and rewarding program to be a part of. Not only do you make a difference by teaching the students, but you get to learn a lot as well.

Diamond Haughton, Georgia State University

The highlights of my internship were learning about each student's country, because they were very enthusiastic to share about their culture, and I feel that I was able to gain a better appreciation for the traditions of each country.  I really enjoyed this program because it allowed me to improve both my Spanish and my English teaching skills, and it also allowed me to learn more from students all over the world.  

Kate Foglesong, Atlanta International School



The biggest highlight of my experience was teaching the kids and seeing their enthusiasm towards learning every day. If someone asked me my opinion about this internship, I would not hesitate to say go for it! I have learned so much over the four weeks and experiencing the children's happiness and enthusiasm is a pure joy. Learning opportunities are everywhere with this internship and it's so much more than just teaching.

Emma Ogata, Punahou School


The biggest highlight of my virtual internship experience would definitely be seeing the kids excited to learn about science and to share that mutual passion for science. This experience over both the summer and fall has been one of the best experiences of my life, and I can see both the impact made on the students and myself. 

Emma Ogata, Punahou School

The main highlight of my remote intern experience with Outreach360 was simply being able to interact with the students and my fellow interns. Always being able to see their smiling faces everyday has been such a joy, and a light during this time. Their energy and love for learning is infectious. During my time with them, I can definitely say that my perspective on my life has changed, and it's helped me see everything that I take for granted and nurtured a newfound appreciation for the world and the little things in life. As much as we are the ones who are supposed to be inspiring the students, they inspire us just as much in return. One of the reasons why I love Outreach360 is that it is a two-way type of thing. We serve each other and share what we have to offer both ways. If someone came to me and said they were thinking of volunteering with Outreach360, I would definitely encourage them to go for it! This is a unique and wonderful opportunity to share what you have to offer to other people while learning a lot about yourself and the world we live in today. These students help you grow just as much as you help them grow. That I think is the beauty of Outreach360. To serve others in any way you can.

Kristel Layugan, Seabury Hall



I was able to develop my teaching skills as well as make good friendships with my teaching partners and students. I feel like I really helped the students learn and grow both as English speakers and Spanish speakers. They were very enthusiastic about learning and I hope that they carry this energy into their future learning life. Definitely do it!! It may seem a little intimidating at first, but trust me, it is so much fun and very helpful in the long run!!

Luke Hughes, Loyola Academy


Today, I was most proud of the connections I have made with my students. I will make sure to be energetic, positive and engaging to make sure the students have a good time learning. This will also make the zooms a good learning environment so the students are still growing and learning more. While teaching the lessons, I will make sure to form an even closer bond with them since we only have 2 more weeks left.

Ava Silverglade, Deerfield High School



I had an incredible time both teaching and learning with the students and I feel as though my spanish improved because I was able to have conversations with native speakers.

Elizabeth Rexing, Zionsville Community High School




A highlight was listening to the English learners get excited about the topic we talked about. This program makes learning a language more fun.

Norah Dietzel, Shawnee Mission South High School

Outreach is an amazing opportunity to unlock friendships that would've never been possible without this experience. It helped me expand my knowledge and empathy towards people across the world. 

Caroline Fry, The Barstow School



The whole thing was a highlight.  However, I especially enjoyed it when we were doing games in the English portion that all of the students seemed to enjoy.  When that happened, they really seemed to open up and learn a lot.  In the Spanish portion, I really enjoyed it whenever multiple people started answering the questions on the slides and that led to a different conversation that wasn't on the slides.  It is an amazing experience and so much fun! I looked forward to every session and left each session with a smile on my face.

Katelynn Stanczyk, Murray High School



I think one thing that I am most proud of is that my students seemed very proud of themselves. They were so excited to be progressing in their English conversations and I am sure that they will be excellent English speakers in a couple of years.  Do it! I was nervous about a lot of things –– whether I would get along with my co-teachers, whether I could actually teach my students anything, and whether my Spanish would be good enough to converse with native speakers. All of my fears proved to be untrue. I became real-life genuine friends with my co-teachers, my students loved class, and the native speakers were all very accepting and understanding with my Spanish, and they helped me to improve! 

Margaret Shuffler, Episcopal School of Acadiana



Highlights were getting to teach and learn from incredible students and meeting other interns with a similar passion for service. The kids' excitement and energy in class were incredible to see. Some of my favorite moments were when students brought stuffed animals and other props to show off to the class relating to what we were learning about. Everyone on the Outreach360 staff was incredible and super supportive throughout my internship. If my friend told me they were thinking about becoming an Outreach360 remote intern, I would tell them to absolutely do it. The remote internship provides such a unique and amazing opportunity to connect with people from around the globe from your home. You can gain valuable teaching experience, learn about different cultures and serve amazing children all in one. Definitely participate in the program, you will not regret it.

Madeleine Belcher, Falmouth High School


If you’re thinking about joining Outreach 360, absolutely go for it! I had an incredible experience not only with the students, but also with the lovely Outreach360 staff and volunteers. My time with Outreach360 went by so quickly, and left me wishing I could spend more time laughing with my students. Each one was wonderfully unique and so passionate about learning, which made working with them so much fun!

Eliza Belcher, Falmouth High School



Highlights included the conversations and activities in the Leadership and Social Change class, getting to really know the students, and seeing my students' English skills improve before my eyes. The dance party Teacher Safiya and I had with the students on the final day -- they were all smiling and we had so much fun!!

Anya Buchovecky, The Bromfield School

I had an absolutely wonderful time working as an intern and felt that I learned so much about teaching and working with students and other interns. This combined with the kids enthusiasm for every lesson was so motivating and encouraging, so I always looked forward to the next session. 

Taylor Caroom, The Bromfield School

Outreach360 is an amazing organization that has certainly not let COVID-19 hinder its mission to educate less privileged communities around the world. As a remote intern you will get to create opportunities for the students to learn and grow and do it all from your own home. Super helpful staff with endless resources makes this experience one that you can only love. 10/10 recommend. I had an amazing time during the last four weeks online with Outreach360.

Arman Karim, Boston University Academy


The Outreach360 remote intern program is an opportunity of a lifetime and you will not regret it! The students are amazing and make the whole thing such a fun experience, along with the fun classes that you get to attend to learn more about Outreach360 and the locations they volunteer at!

Safiya Karim, McCall Middle School


Just talking with the kids and getting to know them was amazing. Do this internship; you will become a completely new person.

Lorie Karim, Winchester High  School

I loved being able to know the students better and see them progress with the material while being excited and enthusiastic. The idea of teaching every day and having to face a class that was going to form opinions about me terrified me when I was opening my first Zoom room. But over time, I've gotten to know the students much better and really see their engagement and thirst for knowledge. The students in Nicaragua (and, I'm sure, the Dominican Republic) are intelligent and bright, they just haven't been given the same opportunities as students in other countries. I'm humbled that I got to be a small step on their educational journey, and I think you should consider being one too.

Julia Shephard, Buckingham Browne and Nichols School

I think I am helping my students reach their full potential by teaching them and opening up opportunities for them in life.

Michael Thomas, The Roxbury Latin School

I loved coming to class each day to see the kids smiling and ready to learn. It is rewarding as a teacher to see the quiet students step outside their comfort zones by raising hands, typing to everyone in the chat, and asking questions to further their understanding as a student. With all of the uncertainty going on in the world it was nice as a teacher and I'm sure the students would agree all being able to meet on zoom and have a comfortable place to learn and have fun. I know that together Outreach360 can go far no matter the circumstances and that is why this organization is so amazing. I am so grateful for the opportunity!

Carolyn Kennedy, Pingree School

I absolutely loved being an Outreach360 remote intern. The students are incredibly bright, energetic, passionate and loving. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to see them grow as learners and people. They have a spark inside of them that will take them to great places and it is so special that I got to be a part of their journey. They have inspired me in so many ways and have given me a new meaning of education. This experience has been invaluable and I am so happy to be a part of Outreach360.

Brooke Farrell, St. Mark’s School


The highlights were kids teaching each other, kids laughing during factoring, the dance party, and everything in a breakout room. Best four weeks of summer I've had, a perfect mix of structure and fun.

Matthew Dunn, Belmont High School

I loved the classes with the kids and I also loved the last day when the whole group came together and said thank you to us it was very powerful. It may seem like a lot to sit in front of your computer for four hours a day for four weeks but every minute of it is incredibly worth it. It is an amazing experience and you will enjoy every minute of it more than you can imagine.

Grace Elmer, Marblehead High School


A highlight was having kids in the English class explain the why behind some of the words which showed me that they are really understanding the concept. In my Spanish class, a highlight was just having normal conversations with them and having them share more about their lives and their interests.

Belkis Montas, Northeastern University


Teaching the kids is an honor and I definitely learned a lot  about how to be a good leader

Aquinnah Wehrwein, Newburyport High School

It's a great and fun way to give back and I really enjoyed working with the students.

Ryann Mountain, Beverly High School

It is a wonderful experience and taught both me and the students a great deal. 

Gabriel Klein, St. John's Prep

I loved seeing the growth of my students through the weekend classes, it truly felt like we were providing them with the tools to learn English. A highlight was seeing the students raise their hands and be willing and excited to participate in every class. This internship is a great way for you to not only practice your leadership and Spanish skills but also see the impact and connections you make with your students week by week.

Abigail Vieira



Outreach 360 is a very fulfilling experience to help provide education to wonderful children and obtain memories for a lifetime.

Natalie Brooks, University of Maryland

Highlights were connecting with the students and learning about their culture. Volunteering for Outreach360, be it for a few months or even a couple of weeks, is an incredibly rewarding experience that allows you to learn and grow so much as a person. Throughout the course of this internship, you begin to feel empowered and motivated into helping others and becoming the best version of yourself. All my students were so driven and passionate about learning. Their hunger for learning and good nature has inspired me in unfathomable ways. In a way, they are an example of the type of student I strive to be at my university.

Haya Saad, University of Maryland

I was able to see my students get not only better at English, but more confident over the weeks. Kids who were totally silent at the start were volunteering consistently by the end of the internship.

Nathan Gershengorn, Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School

It's a great way to expand your horizons, practice Spanish, and get teaching experience.

Nathan Gershengorn, Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School

I really enjoyed the students starting to work on their projects independently and taking control of how they want to change the world. Everyone in Outreach360 is extremely kind. I was truly inspired by the student’s constant positivity and willingness to learn. This makes it a great environment to meet new people and serve without being afraid of judgment.

Lourdes Arteaga Baeza, Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School


I loved the Spanish portion of the sessions, especially the presentation about Latin American slang. There were also many times when my English students were really involved in the lesson and it made me proud to see how much they were learning.

Sydney Dever Mendenhall, Walt Whitman High School




There were so many highlights! I loved the leadership training, cultural experiences, and Spanish classes so much. I loved getting to know the other teacher in the internship :) But the most amazing part was seeing how happy the kids were to be in class. They were so eager to learn, and it made me so happy to be with them during class. Absolutely, this is an experience that will change your life for the better! I loved every moment of this internship, and I could tell that I was really making an impact.

Charlotte Carozza, The Academy of Sacred Heart

An internship with Outreach360 is an awesome way to put yourself out there and learn, especially now that you can reach more people virtually. It was an incredible experience for both teaching English and learning Spanish with native speakers, who are kind and broaden your perspective of the world.

Catherine Lehmkuhl, The Academy of the Sacred Heart


Seeing the curiosity on the students faces and their willingness every day to learn and question was inspiring and something I will never forget. The look a student would give when they finally understood a hard topic was beyond incredible! I will miss that everyday joy a lot, I can’t wait to come back! If someone came to me and said they were thinking of becoming a remote intern for Outreach360, I would say jump right in! This is a unique opportunity that you don’t want to miss. It’s not every day you get the chance to be given an opportunity while creating opportunities for others. The students will inspire and push you to grow in ways you’ve never been. So, jump right in and make an impact!

Kailianne Riggott, Hope College


I found this internship to be a really cool experience, even virtual, and I really enjoyed helping to teach English to students from around the world. I think a lot of friends or classmates of mine also learning Spanish in college right now would think this was a really cool opportunity, both because it's a way for them to practice and use their Spanish skills but also as a resume builder. I had a really fun time during these 8 weeks, and communication with staff and other teachers was good and understanding. It was a really easy time commitment that didn't interfere with my studies, and also helped me to learn more as well.

Beck Lukins, Grand Valley State University

It is a very unique internship with many fun and amazing students and organizers.

Tori Wright, Kalamazoo College


This is a great opportunity to work with students in other countries and learn how to adapt your communication skills to different English levels. The students are so excited to learn and so eager to engage with their teachers and new content. It was really rewarding to be able to work with the students online every week. I enjoyed every moment of it!

Eleanor Smith, Alma College

My time with Outreach360 was amazing. The classes radiate joy, and are a unique approach to teaching and volunteer program. 

Isabela Mulholland, Kingsley High School




Outreach360 is truly an experience. Whenever I log on to a class, I always have a smile on my face because I am excited to see my students and to watch them grow. Outreach360 also provides an amazing opportunity to practice your Spanish with native speakers! 

Meghan Hesterman, University of Minnesota - Duluth


This is a great opportunity to connect with international students and share knowledge about your home country while learning about theirs! You are really able to give back and see the students' joy when learning, which is so rewarding.

Kayla Togneri, Macalester College



You would not regret this experience. It was very entertaining and useful. 

Giovanni Gutierrez, University of Missouri

I could truly see my students learning to become more outspoken individuals throughout my semester with them. I believe that I truly had an impact on them by allowing them to learn about STEM topics by discussing it in the English language with a native English speaker. While this internship did not require too much of a commitment, it required enough (professional development) to actually make an impact on me as an intern and to help me grow. Also having the opportunity to give and to see the impact that I have had on my students has been really rewarding.

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Brent Prenger, University of Missouri




Not only was I serving these kids from other countries, but I was also serving myself. I really saw myself grow in my Spanish, my confidence, and my leadership skills. It was amazing how much of an impact we as teachers had when the program wasn't even in person. I am so thankful my Spanish teacher introduced me to this opportunity. 

Madeleine Conerly, Jackson Preparatory School




My favorite parts were being impressed by how much my students already knew. It's very impressive that my students can say and do things in English that I can't even do in Spanish. I love how I was challenged to be creative in my lessons. I'll never forget the first day when a student asked me what a magazine is and I got stumped at first trying to explain it without using Spanish. Most of all, I enjoyed seeing my students smile and laugh. That was the biggest highlight of it all. It was a great opportunity for me to learn about teaching English while making a positive impact on students less fortunate than myself. It seems scary at first to be put in charge of leading an English conversation and lesson, but once you get started you won't want to stop. 

Jarrett Hopewell, University of Montana




I'm proud of how quickly the students are learning the material. They are super eager to learn and it makes the whole experience fun.

Isabella Dahir, Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart




I communicated love by smiling and reassuring the students that they were doing a great job with their speaking and encouraging them to try the different exercises we did during class! I have learned to how to be patient with myself and the students when silence breaks out in the classrooms, instead of letting it become prolonged I do my best to take it upon myself and fill in the gaps in order to encourage the participation of the other members. Even if I make a mistake or struggle I know that showing that little bit of vulnerability or lending a smile when the students are practicing their english can help to stimulate more conversations or engagement from the rest of the group. It's really taught me how to lead by example and helped me develop more patience than i've had previously, seeing the students become more confident week after week has been such an amazing pleasure. It has also helped me to realize that our world is such a big place full of different people; there is always something to learn about or that you can use to better yourself by gaining a more full understanding. This course has helped me to realize that learning is something that is not dependent on the age of a person, we are constantly learning and improving throughout all the different stages of our lives. 

Davilyn Yates, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

New Hampshire


I believe that I helped my students be more confident in their English speaking and listening skills and that improvement in this area is a crucial key that can unlock many doors in life, especially for those in Latin America. If you are thinking about a career in teaching, service, etc., this is a great way to get some hands-on experience in a way that's easy to balance with the rest of a busy schedule. 

Marc-Anthony Giudice, University of New Hampshire

The experience was very valuable and impactful.

Audrey Bradley, University of New Hampshire

Highlights were being silly with the kids and seeing how much knowledge they obtained from the lessons. This service opportunity is truly life-changing! The kids are so wide-eyed and ready to absorb as much knowledge from you as they can. It is amazing how much their love for learning impacts you, especially not knowing each other's language.

Alexis Emond, Southern New Hampshire University

Thank you so much for making this possible! This was a rewarding and life-changing experience.

Fabriciana De Soriano, Phillips Exeter Academy


I would say that Outreach360 is really impactful. You do a lot more than you thought you would, but you also get a lot more out of it than you imagined. I think it is a very special time spent. It is really cool to be connecting to people far away, yet making such an impact on them. If you are interested in doing this internship or volunteering, I would say sign up right now. 

Olivia Colliton, Londonderry High School

It's such an amazing opportunity as a health science major to share my knowledge with other people. 100% recommendable.

Paola Brena, Franklin Pierce University

New Jersey


Even though you are teaching in your home, it's amazing how these lifelong bonds are formed across hundreds of thousands of miles and it's all because of a shared passion for education. There are times when it may seem you aren't doing anything, but by the end you will realize how much of an impact you had on these kids.

Chris Ly, The Pennington School


If you want to become a better Spanish-speaker, love getting out of your comfort zone, and are a people person, you should absolutely consider taking part in this program! I feel so fulfilled by giving my students the opportunity to improve their English skills while also building my own confidence in Spanish. Everyone who was in the program was so kind and understanding. We were all there to learn from each other, which is what made it so meaningful to be a part of. I always looked forward to it each week.

Ruby Grisin, The Pennington School

The highlight was talking with the kids about their lives and science. Do. This. Program. You won't be bored. It doesn't feel like charity work because it isn't charity work. It is service, and I have learned more from the students I teach than I have from any other program. You will make bonds for a lifetime.

Sofia Smith, Mahwah High School

The highlight was teaching the kids.

TJ Smith, Mahwah High School

This internship has helped me communicate complicated science topics more effectively. Science is already a difficult topic to talk about, and creating these presentations and talking about them has helped me figure out ways to make science easy and fun. I have also learned how to be more tech savy as my school did not use zoom for virtual learning. With virtual presentations, I feel that I have become more aware of how I am presenting as well.

Madison Perry, Caldwell University


I communicated love by being supportive of students' answers. I tried to create a comfortable environment for students to share their thoughts and opinions. I had a great time today talking to students in a fun and safe environment.

Molly Royek, Drew University

New York


Today I am most proud of how far the students have come in this program. It makes me proud to see the immediate impacts of service by seeing their progression.

Dan Muscato, Webster Thomas High School

I learned how to interact with students more effectively and I learned about cultures. I proud that the students did well with the vocabulary learned in past weeks.

Suzanne Sokolowski, Webster Thomas High School

I have learned how to teach my students about science with passion. I learned how to communicate with people who aren't as strong in English, by using a little Spanish, or explaining something in a different way. I have learned that it's okay to make mistakes when you're trying to communicate in a language that you're not as strong in and that people are always more than willing to help you find the right word or phrase.

Molly O’Brien, Webster Thomas High School

This experience was so eye-opening! I mean this truly is something I won't ever forget. It brought me out of my comfort zone and was so worth it. I would highly recommend this internship to anyone! It may seem out of your comfort zone, but it is so worth it. I feel so appreciative that I was able to experience just a little bit of different cultures and relationships.

Lauren Hart, Webster Thomas High School


I thought the internship was a great opportunity to help others while also helping yourself become better at Spanish!

Max Heil, Webster Thomas High School

Throughout this month, there were so many amazing memories that have come out of this experience. I loved admitting the students from the Zoom waiting room every day and seeing their smiling faces and hearing them say "Hi Teachers, how are you today?". The student’s passion for learning is undoubtedly inspiring to me as a fellow student. I enjoyed being able to share my love for science/health with the students. One student even expressed to me on our last day of class how surprised they were at how much they enjoyed learning about science/health. The topics were really relatable and useful to the student's daily lives, and they really enjoyed learning about them. I wholeheartedly recommend Outreach360's Remote Internship program! It has been the highlight of my summer. Getting to connect and share my love of science/health with the students is something that I will cherish forever. If you are considering joining the program, do it! I promise you will not regret it.

Abby Siegel, Cornell University

Getting to know the staff and other teachers through reflections certainly helped refine my teaching methodologies. Their positivity helped me become a better person and know my role as an intern to provide new opportunities for children in Nicaragua. You would never regret this experience. Being able to virtually intern through Outreach360 has been amazing, and just as impactful as the in-country experiences prior. I hope to once again visit in person, but I know that these students are getting a great education thanks to volunteers all around the world who join through virtual classrooms.

Brandon Roy, Cornell University

It's an amazing experience and it's something super special to the students and also for us.

Nicole Collins, SUNY Cortland

All of my past experiences working with students have been in person. This definitely taught me how to interact with students on a meaningful level virtually. Who knows if by the time I graduate college online learning will still be in full effect. This was definitely a great experience.

Natalie Maleszewski, SUNY Cortland

Honestly everything was a highlight, but seeing the children smile and laugh and enjoy themselves was amazing. Knowing that the children are truly learning from you and absorbing the information you give them is great. Hearing them speak perfect English makes your heart feel so full. Also, all of the staff that I worked with were a huge highlight as well. If you are considering becoming part of the Outreach360 community or just considering volunteering for any kind of nonprofit organization, I cannot think of a better organization to be a part of than this one. I have volunteered on three separate occasions for Outreach360 in three different circumstances and there is not a better experience out there that will give you a sense of belonging and purpose like this one does. This is more than just a volunteer experience, it is becoming part of something that is way bigger than yourself and a huge step to becoming a global citizen. Many people say certain experiences change their lives, but my experiences with Outreach360 was an experience that did more than just change my life. It hit a chord that most people may not feel in their entire lifetime. Words can't describe what these experiences have been like for myself and my family.

Owen Frank, SUNY Geneseo

My highlights of being able to be part of Outreach360 was being able to give students an education that they need and being able to learn more about social change and having a global impact. Outreach360 is like no other internship. Not only do you get to teach smart and kind students but you also get to learn about different cultures and social change. It's something that no matter what you do, you will finish the program and be happy and know that you had impact on so many children.

Maya Barlev, Abraham Joshua Heschel School


I enjoyed my entire experience. From bonding with the other interns, to Spanish classes, to having that one on one time with our students, all of the memories I made will have a special place in my heart. The students inspire you just as much as you inspire them. Not only do you learn so much about yourself, but you also learn how to serve and motivate these amazing kids.

Maya Ardon, Brooklyn College

I have learned so much from this internship, but one lesson that really stood out to me is how much of a two way street learning is. Being the teacher does not mean that you are the only one teaching. I have shared my knowledge and my experiences with my students, but they have all also taught me so much in return. They have asked thought provoking questions that inspired me to do further research and they have all brought their own experiences to our virtual classroom and I have learned a lot about their worlds. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such wonderful and committed learners and they have in turn inspired excitement in me to keep learning and delve deeper into the topics that I have been presenting on.

Marissa Kokinis, Vassar College


It is one of the most gratifying and informative experiences to be a part of. There is such a love amongst the students, the teachers, and has given me a sense of purpose that has been so fulfilling and inspiring. It's been hard work but if I could sign up for the next 4-week session and the one after that, I would in a heartbeat.

Kelly Weild, Bronxville High School


The highlight was seeing the children smile when they understood a concept. It feels like you are there in person teaching them.

Aurora Some, Metropolitan College of New York


The highlight of my remote intern experience was watching my students grow over the course of four weeks. I saw their confidence expand in ways that honor their voice and show that they are leaders in their communities and classrooms. Become an Outreach360 remote intern! You are allowing students to push their own levels of creativity, leadership, and motivation in the classroom. You will feel happiness unlike any other, knowing that your students learned new vocabulary every day and saw their own potential. You make a huge difference in their lives, even without realizing it.

Amanda Dettman, Marist College

I think the highlights were the little moments throughout our English classes. I loved watching the students' smiles and reactions when we presented new material and/or fun visuals and videos. I loved when students would share about their life during an exercise and when they would speak up and answer our questions during class. In general, I loved the students' excitement and commitment to learning. They are such wonderful people. This internship was an amazing and happy experience for me. I learned a lot about leadership and how to conduct a class. Everyone involved in this program, from the leaders to the teachers/interns to the students, are incredibly inspiring and lots can be learned from all of them. I have gained valuable skills, knowledge, and experiences through this internship that I will take with me and remember forever. The internship is an important experience that I would recommend to everyone because not only do you learn a lot, but it also helps you to acknowledge and appreciate the little things and all you have in life.

Sabina Smith, St. Lawrence University

The highlight of my internship experience was the Spanish lesson on slang. I think the students became so comfortable in that moment and really enjoyed their time teaching me a bit about the everyday words they use. They laughed so much and I think it was a really relaxed lesson that made them feel comfortable to open up. This is a great experience and definitely worth a try. It is super beneficial to help these students grow and engage in the English language, and to be a part of that experience is quite an opportunity!

Alexsandra Hernandez, Stony Brook University


The highlights were becoming friends with my fellow interns, as well as the moments in English when students tried something new or took a risk and it worked for them. For example, a highlight was when one of my students said a complete sentence without me prompting them, and tried again when I corrected a word. It is an incredibly rewarding experience. I didn't know how big of an impact I could make on a child's academic career until I saw the changes in confidence in them.  The Spanish class helped me improve my cultural knowledge and broaden my vocabulary. 

Julie Aleiner, Hastings High School

North Carolina


The highlight was being able to bond with the students on a personal level. Honestly this experience impacted me more than I impacted the kids because not only did I teach others but learned from them too.

Dena Nguyen, UNC-Greensboro


The highlights included being able to inspire the students as they also inspired me in return. I loved reflecting with the other interns and also learning more about myself through this experience. This is not an opportunity you want to walk away from. I truly enjoyed every second and every aspect of my experience. I thought I would just be supporting such a wonderful cause and I did not expect to learn so much about myself in just a month. This was the second time I have worked with Outreach360, and a third time very well may be on the way.

Annarose Wilkinson, North Carolina State University


It is very difficult to pick just a few highlights, as every moment in the internship has been so exciting and joyful. However, one of the biggest highlights was when all of the students spoke on what they wanted to become when they were older. Almost every student chose a career relating to the topics that we discussed, and they were blown away by how many opportunities there are in the world.

Heidi Segars, Ravenscroft School




If you are even considering this internship, you absolutely should! Serving the students has been such a rewarding experience for me, to watch them grow in their skills and confidence in speaking English. It feels great to know that I can impact their futures. Especially during the pandemic, it has been so positive to build connections with the students.

Gracie Scheeringa, Laurel School

I found my experience at Outreach 360 to be incredibly rewarding, both from a personal and professional standpoint! I feel like I've grown as a person over the course of this internship.

Miles Reed, Oberlin College and Conservatory 




It was really fun and you get to meet many different people across your own country and from other countries.

Ava O’Hara, Holland Hall

This program has been a lot of fun to meet so many new people and feel like you are making a difference in others' lives. This was a great experience that I'm glad I participated in.

Alice Milton, Holland Hall



Outreach360 has created an amazing platform that provides the opportunity for growth as a teacher and a student, the program helps develop and build skills and apply them at an international level. It is the ideal opportunity to learn from and with students and teachers from all across the globe. It was by far the most surreal experience in my teaching career and I am thrilled to be a part of this program again, come January. 

Prerna Balani, Western University

Highlights included the students and the Leadership for Social Change program. Honestly, the whole program was beyond what I was expecting! This is honestly the best experience I have ever been a part of and has changed the way I interact with my day to day world. Everyone would come benefit from being part of an organization like Outreach360!

Danny Carrillo, Western University

Highlights were watching each student become more open, and sharing our personal dreams and goals! Being able to encourage and inspire the students is something I will forever be grateful for. This is an incredible opportunity to both serve others and grow in your own personal leadership and speaking skills. Each and every background and specialty have a part to play, with students so curious and eager to learn, diverse backgrounds were fundamental in creating an optimal classroom experience. I would especially encourage a virtual internship, as it is an amazing way to develop technological skills that directly translate into current worldly communications. This experience, and especially the students, will serve you greatly!

Hannah Miller, Algonquin College

The highlight of my remote intern experience with Outreach360 was creating a connection with the students and sharing education with children outside of my community. Education is something I value so highly and never take for granted, and I think it is amazing to be able to spread my passion for education throughout the global community. I believe that becoming an Outreach360 remote intern is the absolute best decision you can make. It is so rewarding to be able to pass along education experiences to the students, but also to be able to grow as an individual. I am leaving this experience with such a strong sense of the global community I belong to, and feel dedication to continue to serve as a global citizen in as many ways as I can. The students and the team from Outreach360 make all the difference for this experience - if given the chance I would not say no to the powerful opportunity to serve!

Emily Hadubiak, Fanshawe College

Highlights were seeing how excited the students were to be together and learn every class. I loved the Leadership and Social Change course. The class talked about deep topics that I didn't know about before and they really got me thinking. The leading with lollipops concept really has had me thinking for quite a while now and it really changed my way of thinking. I learned that leadership is a process not a position. Also, I loved our virtual excursions where we got to see the town of Monte Cristi and see Mecho! It has been 5 years for me since I was a volunteer with Outreach360 and to see the town again brought back so many memories. Our final class with everyone will be very memorable! I am so touched by the kind words from the students. I would absolutely encourage others to become remote interns with Outreach360! This has been such a rewarding and eye-opening experience that I wouldn't trade it for anything. If you say you don't have the time; well it's only four hours a day for four weeks. If you say you don't have the money; fund-raise! If you say you aren't a teacher; there is lots of training to prepare you! If you say you are not good with technology; we weren't either but we figured it out. And if you say you aren't good with kids; well these kids will change your life!

Mandy Peters, Georgian College



The highlight was making connections with the students and seeing them learn and grow throughout the month that we worked with them. Also, seeing myself grow personally and learning more about my own capabilities through the process of teaching and working alongside my teaching partner.

Millaa Dobrovolska-Ivanova, Sewickley Academy

To make the most out of the last two Saturdays with our students, I think we will try to get to know more about them personally instead of just solely focusing on the curriculum for the day. We can incorporate discussions about subjects that interest them personally in addition to doing the required lessons for the day.

Millaa Dobrovolska-Ivanova, Sewickley Academy

Some highlights of this intern experience were introducing new concepts to the students, learning how to speak better Spanish, as well as creating an excellent bond with the students! The children were incredibly bright, and I feel so fortunate to have worked with them. The children taught me how to be a better teacher, and how to be patient as well as enthusiastic. Outreach 360 is an enriching experience that allows for people around the world to get in touch with Dominican and Nicaraguan students. Becoming an intern in Outreach 360 allows one to not only help serve the community, but also learn more about themselves and grow as global citizens!

Neha Shastri, Sewickley Academy

The highlights of this internship involved meeting the students and teaching them and getting to know them because they are such wonderful people with big and awesome personalities. Since I had never taught, this was a different experience for me, and I can honestly say that I enjoyed the teaching part of it. I also loved meeting the other interns and everyone in charge! It was great to be a part of an inspirational organization that I hope to keep in touch with in the future. Becoming an Outreach360 is an amazing decision! It allows you to explore teaching and establish connections with passionate students who have such big dreams! My experience with Outreach360 was incredible in every way. Meeting the students, teaching a subject which I love, and getting to know many other amazing people made the last four weeks so exciting. I highly recommend joining the program because it is so worth it.

Srimayi Mulukutla, Sewickley Academy

Throughout the internship, I have been proud of being able to teach my students and connect with them to make the experience fulfilling. 

Srimayi Mulukutla, Sewickley Academy

I had many highlights of this experience, but a few come to mind right now. First of all, seeing students understand a concept, no matter how big or small, feels amazing. All of the work that I put into making lessons for the kids was so worth it when I saw them learning. Also, seeing them become more comfortable in speaking and sharing their ideas was awesome. There are so many other small memories, including the final zoom with all the kids, that I will cherish forever. One more small thing: I loved the Leadership and Social Change course a lot!

Jayne Miner, Sewickley Academy

Truly an amazing opportunity and experience. Helping students whose only form of education comes from you is extremely powerful. The gift of knowledge is not universal, it's a privilege to be taught, and passing on that knowledge to another generation is very impactful. 

Breanne Warner, Sewickley Academy

I think this is a great way to make a difference in communities with an organization that's really focused on doing so. I learned a lot by doing this. Not only has this internship created an opportunity for me to learn about education and helping underserved areas, but I also believe (and hope) that I at least started to open opportunities for my students by teaching them. 

Aysu Turkay, Sewickley Academy


Being able to make genuine connections with students in a completely different part of the world was amazing and a blessing that I will value forever. I loved going into class every day and saying good morning to my students, sharing laughs and claps with them, and seeing their confidence grow in their abilities. Just like the principle says, "Jump right in" and do it!! The slight apprehension or hesitation you may feel is nothing compared to the love, admiration, and pride you will feel for your students and their success during your internship.

Hannah Zartman, Warwick High School

My highlight was definitely interacting with the students, teaching them, and watching them grow. At the beginning, I think both the teachers and students were a little unsure about how class would turn out because this was the first remote Spanish Literacy class. However, both we and our students grew in our learning, of lesson planning and the material respectively, and my highlight was the little breakthrough moments along the way. If you even have an inkling of a desire to become a part of this remote intern program here at Outreach360, go for it! I had previous experience on a 1-week school trip to the Dominican Republic and I was unsure what to expect remotely, but the whole four-week experience ended up being more amazing than I had ever thought possible. You have three more weeks to connect with students and teach them information that can truly make an impact, and it is so amazing for all parties involved.

Sam Lynch, Warwick High School

Having experienced two full virtual internships now, I would tell someone considering being an Outreach360 remote intern to go for it!  The technology is so streamlined and easy to use.  Once you get on zoom to teach and converse with your students, you (and them) will learn lots and have so much fun.  Through the Spanish Literacy, English, and Spanish Conversational programs, I have witnessed the growth of my students and the joy they experience in that process.  Outreach360 is currently expanding rapidly to reach more students in Latin America than ever before, and you can help them reach their fullest potential!

Sam Lynch, Warwick High School

I think anyone who is even considering participating with the Outreach360 program should, because this is truly a lifechanging experience. You gain so much more than you could ever imagine and you create the most unique relationships with your students. Serving these students is something I will never forget, and I hope that many more can experience what I could.

Noa Blumenthal, Manheim Township High School

I think my highlights were just seeing that lightbulb moment in each of my students, whether it was answering a question or making a comment in a discussion, I love seeing their growth and development over time. These internships are the most wonderful experiences, but they go by so fast.

Noa Blumenthal, Manheim Township High School

Highlights included making connections with the students and the other interns! Seeing all of the students every day, watching them grow and learn more and seeing how much they loved class and looked up to me. 100% do it! It will be the best experience of your life and will have such an unmatched impact on you and on the students. This experience will be truly life-changing and you will never forget it.

Abby Medvic, University of Pittsburgh


I felt like I made a connection with each of my students. I knew their strengths, weaknesses, what makes them laugh, and even what time they got up in the morning. It was not an experience just for teaching English, you make long lasting connections with the students and fellow interns that will stick with you forever. If you want to make a difference in children's' lives, while also making a difference in your own, Outreach360 is the place for you! Being a remote intern will not only allow you to connect with and teach the kids, but also give you new skills to use in all aspects of life.

Carly Campbell, Elizabethtown College

The highlight of my internship with Outreach360 was most likely the moments I got to share with the students where I truly saw how excited they were to learn about these different topics that they were interested in, while still being able to have fun in an educational way! This program is one of the greatest experiences I have gotten to join, and to say that it was fun and exciting during such uncertain times has been such a blessing. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend joining the program, it is truly a great opportunity you do not want to miss out on!

Dominique Preate, University of Scranton




I loved interacting with the kids and getting to grow their passions for learning. It was a gift to be able to be a part in their educational journey. It is amazing to serve the students and give them the tools they need to have a future of choice and opportunity.

Maddie Kim, Baylor School




I loved getting to watch the kids grasp the material along with watching them come to class everyday so happy and excited to learn. I also really enjoyed doing Spanish class with teacher Indira and I definitely feel more comfortable speaking in front of others. Through the internship you gain so much more than you can possibly imagine and the kids that you teach show that although they may not be rich in money or have the best resources they are rich in so many ways that others are poor. Their attitudes about learning are an example to others. I will miss this experience so much. Thank you for creating such an impactful program!

Elise Chiang, Dripping Springs High School


Do it! It is such a wonderful experience to interact and learn with students from around the world. You learn so much about being a leader and so much about a different culture. 

Paul Garza, St. Mary’s University


Highlights of the experience include learning more about Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic culture, as well as building a relationship with my co-intern. Outreach360 opens your eyes to the beauty and joy in connecting with students across countries, cultures, and time zones and enables you to use your knowledge to contribute to someone else's empowerment. The best thing about it, however, is the balanced exchange of knowledge as the students help us develop our own language skills.

Jane Southgate, Baylor University


The highlight was seeing the kids' enthusiasm for learning. Being a remote intern has been one of the most impactful experiences I have ever had. I got to watch the kids grow and learn. I don't think there's another experience quite like this one.

Kshitij Kapoor, Obra D. Tompkins High School




Outreach360 has provided me with the opportunity to make a difference in dozens of students' lives throughout the duration of my internship. Being able to connect with, teach, and form bonds with each of the students is something that few other programs and organizations offer, and the overall interaction with the students and teachers every week is an amazing experience and one that I am thrilled to be able to have again.

Michael Johnson, Lone Peak High School



After having volunteered for Outreach360 several times, I can say that the experience is absolutely worth it. From forming a connection with each and every student, to having an impact on the opportunities that each student can gain access to, the experience that Outreach360 provides is truly life changing for both the student and yourself. Outreach360 helps students reach so many opportunities while also helping you to become a better teacher.

Austin Levant, Christopher Newport University


This is an amazing way to serve, learn about education, and make strong connections.

Megan Czaban, Christopher Newport University


I loved watching the students evolve. I observed their skills at the beginning of the session and then at the end, and I definitely see improvement. It is amazing to see what they have accomplished. I would highly recommend participating in the program. Outreach360 is an amazing organization that has allowed students to pursue what they want. It focuses its efforts on the education of all its students. However, it also recognizes the hard work of the teacher. I will always be thankful for the time I spent as a remote intern.

Lydia Sweeney, Norfolk Academy


Outreach360 gave me such joy because I was able to connect with several people from different countries. I learned so much about Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, and I think others would love to have that experience too.  Outreach360 is such a special organization because it is filled with people who are passionate about spreading the benefits of education across the world. I have never come across such caring and dedicated people. 

Roya Mansour, Eastside Preparatory School

Outreach360 was one of the best parts of my week for these past two months. Of course, part of it is the joy of teaching and watching your students grow and come out of their shells, but so much more it's being able to know them as people. They are so enthusiastic, kind, and intelligent--I never heard anything mean or malicious from a single one. Everyone really was just there to learn and have fun, and in doing so, their kindness and positivity taught me just as much as my lessons taught them.

Emma Grua, Eastside Preparatory School

It's a great idea to become a virtual intern, it's not too stressful but you can still create a change in someone's life.
Rhea Misra, Eastside Preparatory School

A highlight was having the opportunity to interact with others. Through talking to my fellow teachers and students from a different country, I gained real-world experience. It's a great opportunity to not only volunteer but to impact the lives of others.

Lauren Forseth, Washington State University


Obviously we have spent several weeks with the students and know them better than at the beginning. I would love to teach more on the topics they are interested and help provide activities to enhance their understanding. I want to get them to participate and understand as much as possible in the last two weeks we have. They have come so far and it is really exciting to see their progress. 

Heather Anderson, Pacific Lutheran University

Washington D.C.


I loved seeing my students' enthusiasm and progress, especially as shown in our final Diagnosis Game! Although they were all interested in different topics, our students all dove into each topic we introduced, asked fantastic questions, shared personal experiences, and even brought up memes!

Avery Borgmann, National Cathedral School

The remote internship has made it easier and more convenient for anyone to set aside time and help serve.

Savannah Jones, St. John’s College High School


West Virginia


I had many highlights throughout this experience. I have learned so much about myself as a person as well as how I can make an impact on others. I loved seeing the students smile. Their energy and excitement to learn is so admirable. I also enjoyed learning about Nicaragua and the students. It now has a special place in my heart. If someone I knew was interested in becoming a remote intern for Outreach360, I would encourage them to do it. It is a very rewarding program for yourself and the students. They appreciate you very much and you will appreciate them and the mark they leave on you as well.

Marissa Denlinger, West Virginia University




This remarkable two-way learning opportunity is well worth your time. Being involved in this internship made me grow as a person. This is an opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself, and I strongly recommend this program to others. You not only get to see your students grow, but you see growth in yourself as a person, community member, and leader.

Jessica Randall, Onalaska High School

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