Outreach360 Spanish Internship
Improve your Spanish and increase your knowledge of Latin American culture while having fun and making a real and tangible difference in the world.
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Outreach360 is a leader in the world of service-learning. Our mission is to inspire and empower people to reach their full potential and give back by expanding educational, leadership, and service opportunities. Since 1995, nearly 25,000 volunteers have joined Outreach360 to serve our students throughout Latin America. 


Outreach360 is offering a unique two-way language learning internship. With just a two-hour commitment each volunteer session, you will provide our students with the valuable opportunity of practicing their English skills with native and like-native English speakers through interactive activities, games, and lessons. In turn, our students will be able to give back by sharing about their countries, cultures, and traditions with you in small-group Spanish conversations. 

We promise that by the end of your internship, you will have increased your knowledge of the Spanish language and Latin American cultures while having fun and making a real and tangible difference in the world!

I am incredibly happy with this program! I would tell someone considering joining the Outreach360 program that they will not regret it. At first, I was scared to participate in fear that my Spanish was not good enough or that my anxiety would prevent me from effectively teaching the students. I was completely wrong. In this Outreach family, I have found kindness, passion, dedication, and a sense of community. Everyone I met was there to support me, whether it was the students helping me expand my Spanish vocabulary or the teachers whom I worked with along the way. I am so grateful to have gotten to experience such a wonderful program, and I will definitely be coming back in the future.  

Paloma G., Mesa, Arizona, Fall 2020 Spanish Intern