You Get What You Put In

My name is Olivia Colliton-Savina. I am from a small town in New Hampshire just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. I am attending my local high school as a sophomore this year. I first got involved with Outreach360 through my former school. One of our school trips was to the Dominican Republic, where we went for a week to teach English. We went in March of 2018 and I had a lot of fun teaching and being creative. I enjoyed seeing the differences in culture and lifestyle and I felt like I made a small difference in serving a bigger cause.

When I heard about the Outreach360's Summer Internship over Zoom, I was really excited. I may have even been the first person to sign up! I signed up because I wanted something to do but I also really like the goals of the organization, so I knew I would be doing something good, too.

At the time of signing up, I didn't realize how much it would affect me. I felt that the students really bonded with my teaching partner and me. We really built up our conversations from just saying, "Hi" to whole conversations. I definitely gained a sense of gratitude. Hearing about their culture and the things that happen in their life made me more grateful for the opportunities that I have and the small things, like not having to walk to school and having 24/7 internet access, no matter the weather.

I also really enjoyed the conversations we had in our Leadership and Social Change class. I learned a lot about how to approach situations as a leader and as professionally as possible.

I would totally recommend doing Outreach360's online internship. I felt I had more of a connection with the students and I saw the difference I was making, even more than when I was in-country. One thing that I would say to someone getting ready for an Outreach360 internship is that you get what you put in. Have fun and don't take a second for granted! It goes by really quickly.

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