With Each Day My Confidence Grew

My name is Davilyn Yates and I am studying Spanish at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. I am a senior this year and will graduate this upcoming summer. My involvement with Outreach360 began simply from a forwarded email from one of the professors that contained a message about the remote internship program. At first glance, the internship didn’t seem to be the right fit for me, as I sincerely did not think I had the necessary patience or the knowledge to be teaching anyone about anything but especially a new language. As I opened the email and began to look into the precise details about the remote internship program, I approached the idea with an open mind, decided to take a risk and signed up to participate. What initially sparked my interest was the fact that this was an academic internship, that would look great on resumes and applications for graduate school and was something I was very interested in pursuing.

Despite having some feelings of doubt, I decided to show up, not only for myself but for the kids and for the chance of having even the possibility of impacting their lives or providing them with opportunities they otherwise would not have.

With each day my confidence grew.

I became aware of my own teaching capabilities, I developed feelings of pride each time I saw improvement in any of the students but also when they just showed up and tried their best. The feelings of doubt had been replaced with exceptional interactions that changed my entire perspective on how I can effect change in someone’s life by stepping outside my comfort zone.

I looked forward to each Saturday bringing the opportunity to teach and talk with these incredibly resilient students. Through working with them, I gained a true sense of achievement, a feeling like I had made a significant impact and bettered the educational opportunities for each one that I had the pleasure of being able to teach. Teaching them helped me to overcome my own mental boundary of speaking a second language without fear of making a mistake. Through encouraging the students to practice and telling them week after week that mistakes are part of the learning process, I overcame my personal mental block of speaking fluently in Spanish.

Participating in this internship absolutely changed my entire perspective on learning languages; through helping the students build confidence in their second language, I became confident in mine. All of a sudden instead of staying quiet during class, avoiding eye contact with my professors or passing off a Spanish speaking customer at my job, I was actively engaging, interacting, conversing, using and practicing my Spanish, something I desperately needed.

This internship helped me to be more active in my own classes and helped me to construct better relationships with my professors which lead to the opportunity of being able to approach them for letters of recommendation and receiving an elated response from each one. This internship helped change my educational experience and pave the way for the future possibility of attending graduate school.

To anyone considering this internship, I would encourage you 100 times over, DO IT! The quality, convenience and lasting impression of this remote program is unmatched. I enjoyed each class so thoroughly that my fellow teachers would have to remind me that our class had ended. I have spoken in each one of my classes, this semester and the last, about the benefits I have personally seen from my involvement with this organization. I cannot speak positively enough about everything this organization does and everything it stands for.

If you are looking for an internship, Outreach360 is absolutely the one. If you are on the fence about whether or not you think it is worth your time, it absolutely is. If you are wondering whether or not you are capable of teaching, Outreach360 has all the resources you need and you are more than capable! If you have any doubts, I encourage you to check those at the door and sign up for an Outreach360 internship for intellectual, personal and even emotional or mental growth. Having the opportunity to impact such bright minded students is truly one that should not be overlooked.

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