When Two Worlds Collide

Gloria Rizo first started volunteering with Outreach360 in Nicaragua in 2016 to fulfill a requirement for her degree in Social Work. Her little sister Mariela has been a student in our Learning Center in Jinotega, Nicaragua since 2011 and considering our focus on empowering youth through education and opportunity, it was the perfect fit. Little did we know that three years later Gloria would join our leadership team... in the Dominican Republic.

"I graduated from social work school three years ago expecting I was going to change the world but first, the world changed me." After graduation, Gloria worked for a number of organizations in Nicaragua, including one that supported entrepreneurial Nicaraguan women "by giving them tools and improving their skills so that they can live a life of choice." Throughout the past three years, Gloria has always kept in touch with Outreach360, often volunteering in our Learning Center between projects or while home on vacation.

Most recently, Gloria moved to the Dominican Republic to work with a service organization not too dissimilar from Outreach360. Intrigued by the "other half" of our program, Gloria decided to volunteer her summer at our program in the Dominican Republic. She was a crucial addition to our team over the summer in supporting our short-term volunteer program and helping lead our Dare to Dream Summer Camps.

Gloria's passion for education and innate ability to connect with and inspire the children in our program has made her an invaluable and inspiring member of our team. "Working with children has grown in me a passion for education and the impact it has on people's lives. I deeply believe we never stop learning from our experiences and the people we meet everyday. And it is even better when we share all that we learn with others."

We are so excited to announce that Gloria is officially joining the Outreach360 team in the Dominican Republic as an OLÉ Leader starting this fall! She will be essential in supporting the students in our Learning Center in Monte Cristi, in addition to helping lead our short-term volunteers in having the biggest impact they can while with us in-country.

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