Outreach360's 1st Annual International English Bee

Three English Bee competitors in the Dominican Republic with parents and classmates in the audience.

You may have heard all the buzz on Outreach360's Facebook and Instagram, but in case you missed it, we hosted the 1st Annual Carolyn Nelson Memorial International English Bee on Friday, September 6th. The event followed two national English Bees held in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic a month prior in which all of our Learning Center students competed to place within their own English levels. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of each level were selected to compete on the international stage against the top three winners of the corresponding level in the other country. This was the first time our Dominican and Nicaraguan students were able to interact with each other; they were all very excited!

Hosted on an international video conference with our Development and Communications Director, Audrey Sharp, as the international judge, all 18 students were tested on their knowledge of a list of English words they've been studying since earlier this year. Each student was given one English word per round that they had to translate into Spanish and use correctly in an English sentence in order to continue on. The rounds continued until there was a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner in each level (winners listed to the right)

For placing in their national English Bees, all 18 competitors were credited part of an Outreach360 university scholarship that they will receive upon meeting certain requirements following high school graduation. The winners of the International English Bee received an additional credit towards that Outreach360 scholarship. These beginning scholarships were funded by the Carolyn Nelson Scholarship Fund, a memorial fund in honor of long-time Outreach360 supporter, Carolyn Nelson.

The International English Bee was live-streamed for the Outreach360 global community! All of our supporters were encouraged to watch the event from home, especially those who knew and continue to celebrate Carolyn's legacy, as well as our Touch the Future Sponsors who are so crucial in funding our Learning Centers. The English Bee was recorded for those of you who missed it; you can find the audio recording below!

Thank you to everybody who showed up to watch our students compete, and to all of the donors who made the event possible! We are all very proud of all of the students who competed and of their classmates and parents for cheering them on so enthusiastically! It was incredible to see each and every one of them inspired to master new words and start seriously thinking about higher education despite the fact that, for many of them, university is still many years away. To contribute to the 2020 International English Bee and to learn more about Outreach360's Carolyn Nelson Scholarship Fund, visit

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