Outreach360 Has Changed My Life

Jovani is from Jinotega, Nicaragua, and started in our Learning Center when he was in the first grade and only 6 years old. He is now 14 years old and in his second to last year of high school. Jovani began teaching English to the younger students in our program in 2018 and is now is in our new TOEFL 2 English level. This means he has been studying to take the TOEFL, which is an English proficiency exam. He has also been reinforcing his Spanish literacy and math skills in preparation to apply for our pre-university Adelante Serve-Study Program. We had an interview in English over Zoom with Jovani to ask him about his experiences with Outreach360.

Teacher Coco: Can you please introduce yourself?

Jovani: My name is Jovani and I am 14 years old. I am an Outreach360 student in Nicaragua. I have studied English for 9 years. I am now in the 10th grade of high school.

Teacher Coco: Do you have any idea what career you would like to have in the future?

Jovani: Well, I have always wanted to be a translator or an English teacher, like with Outreach360. There are a lot of things that call my attention like studying medicine and that stuff but they don’t, how do you say it, I guess they don’t convince me enough.

Teacher Coco: Do you have a favorite sport or hobby?

Jovani: Yes, I have a lot! I like to read and listen to music. I like all of the Harry Potter books.

Teacher Coco: Let’s say you get new neighbors with children and you want to introduce the family to Outreach360. How would you explain Outreach360 to your new neighbors?

Jovani: I would say like, hi, I am an Outreach360 student. It’s my English school. I have studied English there for 9 years. It is an organization that provides you with everything for free. They don’t charge any money. They search for volunteer teachers from the United States and Canada.

Outreach360 has changed my life. I have learned a new language which means I have new opportunities for my future so I can get a better job or even a scholarship. I have made new friends and met a lot of new people from the United States and Canada and even other foreign places.

Teacher Coco: What is it like to talk with the volunteers that you have not seen for a long time over Zoom?

Jovani: For me, it has been a nice experience. I have not practiced my spoken English for over a month or two, so I think that it is a really nice opportunity to practice my English and also to see them and learn about how their lives are going and that kind of stuff.

Teacher Coco: You are now in our new program called TOEFL 2 and you have started to learn English more independently using the computer. What is that like?

Jovani: It is an interesting experience. I have to be responsible for my own learning so I have to work on my own without being helped by a teacher unless I have a technical problem or something like that so it has been a really nice experience. I have been learning more technological skills like typing and Google Classroom.

Teacher Coco: Have you also had homework that you have to do for Outreach360?

Jovani: Yes, of all the homework I was assigned, I only have one more assignment to complete.

Teacher Coco: For real? You are almost finished?

Jovani: Yes, (laughs) I have had a lot of free time.

Teacher Coco: Is there a message you would like to share with the teachers and the donors?

Jovani: I would like to say to each of you, thank you for your support and for all the things that you have done and do for all of us.

Teacher Coco: Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself? What would be interesting to know about you?

Jovani: I could share my favorite color but I don’t think it matters (grins).

Teacher Coco: What is your favorite color?

Jovani: It’s blue!

Teacher Coco: Oh, that is interesting to share right now as we are in the middle of our True Blue campaign! Do you have a blue shirt?

Jovani: Yes, I do.

Teacher Coco: Great! Please send me a photo of you wearing it and thank you for your time today, Jovani! You did great with the interview questions. Thank you again!

Together we are stronger! This is why we are calling on our True Blue supporters to champion on behalf of all 233 of our students during this challenging time. Are you True Blue?

Donate today or become a True Blue fundraiser and you will help ensure that Jovani, along with all of our Outreach360 students, is able to continue at our Learning Centers through the remainder of the year.

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