Magical Memories For a Student in Nicaragua

Adys (16) was one of the first students to be enrolled in Outreach360's Learning Center in Jinotega, Nicaragua in 2012. She recently wrote an essay detailing some of her favorite memories from her eight years with Outreach360, memories made possible by our incredible donors, volunteers, and supporters.

One of my biggest and most beautiful memories was our first trip in 2013. We went to the Central American Hydro-Electric Plant. It was great, we were super small and we were very excited. I remember that they took us to an office and we all started writing because the next day our teachers were going to ask us about what they had explained to us. I remember really well that Teacher Krystina accompanied us.

Another nice memory was when we traveled to Managua. We were also very excited. We left Jinotega at 5 AM to be there early. Arriving in Managua, we stopped at a gas station or a mini-market to buy water. I think some people bought pills because I remember that many of my friends vomited. We weren’t used to taking a long bus ride!

A young Adys looking into a microscope in a lab at UNAN - Managua)

After that, we went to the university (UNAN-Managua). While we were there, they divided us into groups. I remember very well that my group visited a laboratory and we observed different types of bacteria that affect our body, then we went to a place where there were animals such as turtles and iguanas. There, they explained to us how these animals have survived for so long.

After a long morning, we headed to eat at Tip-Top. It was very exciting to go to one of the most famous restaurants in Nicaragua. We ate our lunch and it was very tasty, by the way.

Afterward, we went to the zoo. We had to wait a little while to get in. The first thing I heard was a very beautiful singing bird. When we entered the zoo, we were given more water to drink and not get tired as it was very hot in Managua. One of the things that caught my attention was a super sad story of a little tiger that was there, the good thing is that the zoo rescued him. I saw monkeys, crocodiles, lions, turtles, tigers, and many more animals.

Adys (first row, fourth from right) and her classmates at the zoo.

Then it was time to head home. We sang on the way home. It had been a very fun and incredible day. We arrived home around 8 PM.

I have so many other good memories of adventures with Outreach360 such as movie afternoons, sports afternoons, our second trip to Managua, visiting the Selva Negra Farm and even going out to the 4 Corners neighborhood of Jinotega for team-building sports afternoon.

Outreach360 is not just where I study English. Outreach360 is my family and I love each moment. I love every hour, minute and second with Outreach360. It is incredible to see how much Outreach360 has supported us and continues to do so.

Thank you for each smile and thanks for these unique moments. I love Outreach360.

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