I Can't Wait For The Doors To Open Again

Wilkenia is an English Level 6 student at our Learning Center in Monte Cristi, the Dominican Republic. She is currently studying from home in order to meet the academic requirements to become a pre-university Adelante student with virtual support from our in-country staff.

My name is Wilkenia and I have been studying at Outreach360 for about six years. Studying at the Learning Center has been a great blessing and help for me. I started studying with this organization when I was in 5th grade at John F. Kennedy primary school, where I first spent time with excellent volunteers and fell in love with the English language. After that, I went to study at the Salomón Jorge Learning Center.

Since studying with Outreach360, my English has been improving steadily, but not only that; I have also acquired cognitive skills such as reading comprehension and solving everyday problems, among others. I am very grateful first to God and then to this organization for the opportunities it has given me and also to all those who have made it possible. Studying at Outreach360 has given me many academic opportunities, helping to improve my knowledge in the areas of Spanish literacy, Mathematics, and Science. In the future, thanks to this program, I will be able to study the degree of my choice at a university, and as one of Outreach360's mottos says, Live a Life of Choice.

I want to thank each donor who, with their collaboration, makes it possible for many of us to study English, especially the True Blue supporters whose donations and efforts are allowing our classes to continue.

I was not expecting it when I found out that our Learning Center classes would be suspended. I had to say goodbye to people who have become part of my family and I really miss them. I can't wait for the doors to open again and I can be with the volunteers and my classmates.

All that I have to add is that Outreach360 has been a great academic and social opportunity for me. We will have to wait for all of this to pass but we will be together again. For now, we must stay home.

Together we are stronger, which is why we are calling on our True Blue supporters to champion on behalf of all 233 of our students during this challenging time. Register to become a True Blue fundraiser today and you will be helping to ensure that Wilkenia and her classmates are able to continue at our Learning Center through the remainder of the year.

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