Communicate Love. Communicate Change.

Love is a universal language that is expressed through actions and service. Traveling to another country where you are unfamiliar with the language can create some anxiety; however, Outreach360 has built a foundation on which volunteers can build long-lasting relationships by Communicating Love to our students.

Why does this matter? Because a transformed world matters.

Service is about overcoming barriers to create positive change in local and international communities. Volunteering with Outreach360 in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua is a unique service-learning experience in which one must communicate beyond language limitations.

Outreach360 students speak Spanish as a first language, and they are enrolled in the Outreach360 Learning Center programs to improve their English language skills each day. Furthermore, our volunteers serve to Communicate Love to our students while speaking English. This exchange opens doors to communication through action.

“Communicate Love means using love as a form of communication. When you have a language barrier between you and the person, you can use love, expression, interest, and care instead of words for them to be able to understand you. Bringing positive energy into the classroom with a smile can go a long way,” Jackson Ranheim, an Outreach360 OLÉ volunteer, says.

You do not need to know the native language to make an impact abroad. This misconception oftentimes prevents individuals from taking the leap to serve abroad in Latin America. Remembering to Communicate Love relieves this anxiety. We know that a simple high-five or thumbs-up can communicate more to Outreach360 students than words can. Expression through actions will create understanding transcendent of language barriers.

Outreach360 has witnessed this exchange in the classroom. The positive energy that volunteers bring to their lessons empowers students’ grasp of the English language. A smile at the end of the day goes a long way for our students. Your actions will inspire a transformed world in which all students may live a life of choice.

Caleb Acosta, an Outreach360 Adelante Volunteer and an Outreach360 English education program graduate, explains, “For me, Communicate Love is a stronger language that connects all the people around the world. I do this by smiling every day and doing what I need to do with my heart. I remember when I was a student with Outreach360 that I didn’t know how to say something in English and I didn’t understand what the teacher was saying. The teacher showed me a beautiful smile and she taught me one more time, and I just learned because of this smile. I learned from the love of her actions.”

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