Ana Jimenez; Outreach360 Graduate and Future Educator

My name is Ana. I am 20 years old.

When I was 7 or 8 years old, I started to attend Outreach360’s neighborhood camps. I remember how fun it was to be there, singing songs and playing. When I was 9 years old, I started the English program. I graduated in 2012 after four years of studying.

Right now I am an Adelante + Serve/Study Student at Outreach360. I teach in our Learning Center, I help volunteers teach, and I am studying to go to university. I am also the Program Director for our Spanish literacy program, which has 74 new students. As Program Director, I help to improve the Spanish reading and writing of our new students before they enter the English program.

Outreach360 for me is a place where I see hope and self-improvement. It is a place for opportunities and breaking barriers. I remember participating in a spelling bee when I was in my third year in the Outreach360 program. I was so nervous and I did not think I could win. But in the end, the unexpected happened, and I won second place! That was one of the happiest moments in my whole life.

I want to be a teacher because I like to help others. At Outreach360, I learned the value of education, helping the students to overcome their fears and believe in themselves, and helping them achieve their dreams. All of this has inspired me to make the most important decision of my life, to become a teacher. I want to be a language or history teacher because I love to learn new languages to connect with other countries and I love to see what happened in the past to make the present right now. History is important to know. 

I hope to see the students become leaders like me. I want to see them reach their goals. I want to see them happy! Outreach360 is just the beginning for me and our students as well.

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