Acknowledge Yourself with Outreach360

It is essential to the Outreach360 experience for volunteers to acknowledge themselves during their time with us. The ability to acknowledge yourself and the impact you have abroad will open doors to domestic and international service opportunities. This is why “Acknowledge Yourself” is the first Outreach360 volunteer and staff principle.

Acknowledging yourself can mean different things to different people. Beth Anderson, the former Outreach360 Dominican Republic Site Director, explains, “To me it means taking a moment to reflect and be proud of what I’m doing, knowing that I’m making a commitment not everyone is willing to do but then, once that moment is over, it’s time to get to work and serve. To volunteers, I think it holds a very similar meaning. On a more basic level just being proud of yourself and patting yourself on the back.”

Without first recognizing the steps you have taken to serve internationally,  the significance of your involvement in the education of our students will alter. The money, time, and the willingness to push outside of your comfort zone should not go unnoticed, especially by yourself.

Beth says, “I acknowledge myself in different ways, mostly through self-care: taking time to read or listen to music and taking moments to disconnect and be gracious with myself. In a more public way, it would be verbalizing what I am doing and just acknowledging it out loud in a conversation.”

Outreach360 wants to acknowledge our volunteers for the difference they are making in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. Very few people are willing to do what our volunteers have done. Their dedication to raise or donate funds, take a week or more of their time, and give up other options to go to another country for the benefit of children in a community unknown to them is remarkable.

Graham Hunt, an Outreach360 Communications OLÉ Volunteer, states, “I suppose that when I think about the principle ‘Acknowledge Yourself’, I think about some of the wonderful moments I’ve witnessed in the classroom, in both Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.  And then I think about all the many pieces that came into play to make those golden moments possible, from the hours spent lesson planning to the months of fundraising and preparing that volunteers invest to make their work with Outreach360 a reality.  This principle is about recognizing and celebrating that.”

University of Missouri 2017 graduate and former Outreach360 volunteer, Tessa Miles, is a volunteer worth celebrating. Tessa has volunteered with Outreach360 three times, once in the Dominican Republic and twice in Nicaragua. In January 2017, she led a group of 18 classmates to volunteer in Nicaragua.

Here is what Tessa has to say about the Outreach360 principle “Acknowledge Yourself”: “To me, it means taking the time to think about what you’re doing here at Outreach360 and why your service is important. It’s realizing that you’re making a difference because you have chosen to be here, perhaps while overcoming obstacles that may have deterred you from volunteering. I acknowledge myself by telling others about Outreach360 and its mission, as well as my amazing experiences while serving with them.”

Outreach360 understands that many volunteers had to overcome fears and obstacles including exposure to a different language, not knowing anyone, only knowing Outreach360 from the internet, and potential parental concerns, etc. It is a big deal that our volunteers spend their time with us, and Outreach360 could not be more proud to shine the spotlight on the passionate people, like Beth, Graham, and Tessa, that allow our organization to flourish.

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