Virtual Summer Internship for High School Students

 Learn valuable teaching skills and make a global impact by teaching Latin American students English as a Foreign Language (EFL).

"Being able to make genuine connections with students in a completely different part of the world was amazing and a blessing that I will value forever. I loved going into class every day and saying good morning to my students, sharing laughs and claps with them, and seeing their confidence grow in their abilities. Just like the principle says, "Jump right in" and do it!! The slight apprehension or hesitation you may feel is nothing compared to the love, admiration, and pride you will feel for your students and their success during your internship."

Hannah Z., Warwick High School, PA

"I think anyone who is even considering participating with the Outreach360 program should, because this is truly a life-changing experience. You gain so much more than you could ever imagine and you create the most unique relationships with your students. Serving these students is something I will never forget, and I hope that many more can experience what I could."

Noa B., Manheim Township High School, PA

"I think this is a great way to make a difference in communities with an organization that's really focused on doing so. I learned a lot by doing this. Not only has this internship created an opportunity for me to learn about education and helping underserved areas, but I also believe (and hope) that I at least started to open opportunities for my students by teaching them."

Aysu T., Sewickley Academy, PA


Outreach360 Promise

We promise that by the end of your summer internship, you will have learned valuable EFL teaching skills and gained EFL teaching experience, developed relationships with your Latin American students and fellow interns, and had fun! 

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