Outreach360 Virutal Impact Program

Meet Our Team

We keep a small staff at Outreach360 thanks to the incredible volunteers that join us virtually to forward our mission of inspiring and empowering people to reach their full potential and give back by expanding educational, leadership, and service opportunities. However, while we are small, we are also mighty. Each member of our team is passionate about our mission and committed to seeing our students and volunteers succeed in reaching their full potential. We love working hand in hand with our volunteers and partners to make this work possible. 

Tom Eklund

Tom founded Outreach360, formerly Orphanage Outreach, in 1994 after a visit to an orphanage in the Dominican Republic on a service trip. He was shocked by the lack of opportunity he saw there and was inspired to create change for the children in the orphanage. Tom now lives with his wife Paula in Peoria, AZ, where he directs the Outreach360 program from his home office.  Tom has a degree in industrial engineering from Arizona State University, and prior to founding Outreach360, worked for IBM in engineering and sales.

Coco Barrett

President/Virtual Impact Program Director
Coco hails from Ontario, Canada. She first joined Outreach360 (formerly Orphanage Outreach) as a long-term volunteer in the Dominican Republic in 2004. Soon after, Coco moved to Monte Cristi and began working with us full-time as a Team Leader and then as our Country Director in the Dominican Republic. In 2010, Coco relocated to Jinotega, Nicaragua where she and Alma Fletes created our former program there from the ground up. Prior to working with Outreach360, Coco was a deaf-blind interpreter and in her free time has connected with local programs for youth with hearing impairments.

Adie Jalfin

Academic Director
Raised in the Boston area, Adie is a first generation American from a Uruguayan family of language educators. She joined Outreach360 in December 2015 and served as a long-term volunteer in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua prior to becoming the Academic Director. Adie designs and oversees the Virtual English Academy, and she is responsible for training our volunteers and staff to be effective teachers. In addition to her years of experience as an English language teacher, she holds a Master's degree in social work and has experience working with students of different Latin American cultures as well as those with emotional and behavior disorders, special needs, and challenging life circumstances.

Alma Fletes

Prior to joining Outreach360, Alma was the director of several pre-school centers in Jinotega, Nicaragua. It was in that capacity that she met our founder, Tom Eklund; their fortuitous meeting largely contributed to the decision to open Outreach360's second site in Jinotega, Nicaragua, Alma's hometown. Alma joined Outreach360 in 2010 and worked alongside our Country Director, Coco Barrett, to build the former program from the ground up. As one of our Virtual English Academy directors, Alma is instrumental in recruiting, training, and supporting students and their families. Additionally, she  is a certified English teacher and supports volunteers while teaching alongside them.

Belén Zeledon

Adelante+ Leader
Having completed ten years of English study with Outreach360, Bel
én is a graduate of our former Learning Center in Jinotega, Nicaragua. She is also a high school graduate preparing for a career in graphic design by gaining new technology skills and experience prior to applying to university. Bel
én serves as a substitute teacher, assists in student training, and works behind the scenes to create homework for Virtual English Academy students. She also manages our Spanish social media platforms, which are aimed at current and prospective students and families.

Dulce Arauz

Adelante Leader
A graduate of our former Learning Center in Jinotega, Nicaragua, Dulce studied English with Outreach360 for ten years. She graduated high school in December 2020 and  earned her Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification with distinction. She is now putting her knowledge into practice by serving as an English teacher alongside our volunteers and staff, leading student training. and supporting our volunteers to become more effective English language teachers. Dulce's plan is to apply to university as a teaching major.

Byron Gutiérrez

Adelante Leader
Byron is a high school graduate serving with Outreach360 before applying to university to study systems engineering. He is a graduate of our former Learning Center in Jinotega, Nicaragua and studied English with Outreach360 for 10 years. He earned his Teaching English as Foreign Language certification with distinction and has expressed interest in learning to teach Spanish as well. He is gaining real-world experience by teaching  alongside our volunteers and supporting them through the Virtual Impact Program experience.

Aidil Acosta

Adelante+ Leader
Aidil is a graduate of our former Learning Center in Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic. She is a full-time medical student in Santo Domingo and serves as a leader during her university breaks. She has been serving with Outreach360 in numerous capacities, in-person and online, for over six years.

Caleb Acosta

Adelante+ Leader
A graduate of our former Learning Center in Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic, Caleb began attending Outreach360 English classes in primary school. He graduated from our English program when he was still in high school, and he was later the valedictorian of his high school class. Caleb joined the Outreach360 Adelante+ program in June 2017. He is currently studying in Santo Domingo to become a dentist and serves as a leader during his breaks from university.

Nilsan Sosa

Site Director
Nilsan is from Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic. She holds degrees in accounting and education. She joined Outreach360 in 2015 as the Business Director for our program in the Dominican Republic; she is now our Site Director and is responsible for the logistics and maintenance of our site in Monte Cristi. Nilsan has two sons, one pursuing a degree in Architecture in Santiago, Dominican Republic and the other in his final year of high school. 

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