Multicultural Exchange Internship

Bridging Cultures Digitally

Minimum School Group Size: 12 Students

Outreach360's Multicultural Internship gives you the rare opportunity at an equal interchange of culture and language with somebody from a different community. This Internship was designed to be a cultural bridge during this time of distance. 


You will provide our students with the valuable opportunity of speaking with a native or like-native English speaker through small group conversations. These structured conversations will allow them to take what they learn in the classroom and apply it to real-time communication while also learning about your customs and traditions. In turn, our students will be guiding conversations that cover topics relating to Nicaraguan and Dominican culture, such as food, traditions, customs, and more.

Are you currently learning or interested in learning Spanish? You also have the option to make this internship a Spanish focus and grow in your own speaking skills as a Spanish language learner. 

"The highlight of my remote intern experience was watching my students grow. I saw their confidence expand in ways that honor their voice and show they are leaders in their communities and classrooms. Become an Outreach360 remote intern! You are allowing students to push their own levels of creativity, leadership, and motivation in the classroom. You will feel happiness unlike any other, knowing that your students learned new vocabulary every day and saw their own potential. You make a huge difference in their lives, even without realizing it. Thank you to everyone! I will never forget this opportunity. I have learned so much.

- Amanda Dettmann

Why Outreach360?


You will make a real difference. You will use your skills and talents to make a real difference with our students. Opportunities to speak with native English speakers are few and far between; the conversations you have with Outreach360 students will empower them to take what they have learned in the classroom into the real world.


You will receive an authentic cultural experience. Each week, you will be learning about the communities and countries of the children you're serving in an authentic way. And our students are as eager to learn about your culture and experience as you are to learn about theirs.

¡Bienvenidos to your
Multicultural Exchange Internship!

Where our students live.

The Dominican Republic

Program Donation

There is a minimum program donation of $500 USD required to participate in the 12-week internship. A $100 deposit is due upon registering with the remaining funds raised or donated prior to the start of your internship.

Your program donation includes: 

  • A professionally trained leadership team

  • Training and support

  • Virtual cultural explorations

  • Confirmation of service hours


Am I eligible to participate in the internship?

Outreach360's internship program has been specifically designed for high school students (grades 10-12 only) and college students that enjoy working with and serving children and youth. We also welcome anybody who is post-secondary that has an interest in learning Spanish and a desire to make a difference. You will need to be proficient using Zoom, however we are able to offer pre-internship training to ensure you are prepared. We also ask that you raise and/or donate a one-time program donation of $500. We will provide a fundraising page and resources to help you be successful in raising those funds.

What is the cost to participate in the program?

There is a minimum program donation of $500 USD required. Each intern must be registered on our website with a $100 USD deposit due upon registration. The remaining $400 USD will need to be raised/donated prior to the start of the internship. Each intern will receive a personal donation page and family and friends are invited to contribute. All donations are tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers.

How much Spanish do I need to know?

If you choose to participate in the optional Spanish focus of the Multicultural Exchange Internship, we welcome Spanish learners of all levels. When you complete the registration form, you will have to identify your Spanish speaking skills as Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced/Conversational, and Fluent. Based on your category, we will match you with Outreach360 students whose skills appropriately align your own, making for a mutually beneficial conversation. Unsure what your Spanish speaking level is? Let us know and we will help you identify it. Note: those interns not interested in participating in the optional Spanish focus of the internship will not be required to use Spanish at all throughout your service time.

How will I benefit from participating in this internship?

In this internship, you will be making a real difference with students in underserved areas of Latin America by empowering them through this unique opportunity. Our students also have a lot to offer and will also be supporting your growth in Spanish and/or gaining perspective and knowledge about other countries and cultures. And the connections you make will make every day of this internship a truly magical experience. Additionally, Outreach360's virtual impact programs help you to grow in working and serving remotely, an increasingly prevalent skillset.

How will Outreach360 students benefit from my service?

The opportunity to speak with a native and like-native English speaker is an unparalleled service you can offer our students. The time you spend with them will have an incredible impact in their speaking skills, allowing them to bring what they have learned in the classroom to real life. Your service turns their theoretical knowledge of the English language into reality.

What will be expected of me during this internship?

We expect you to login to your Zoom account using the link we provide on time for the sessions you signed up for for. If you are unable to attend a Saturday session, we expect you to communicate that to us as soon as possible.

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