Summer Internship for High School Spanish Students

Improve your knowledge and usage of the Spanish language and learn about Latin American culture by participating in structured conversations with native Spanish speakers living in Latin America. Learn valuable teaching skills and make a global impact by teaching Latin American students English as a Foreign Language (EFL).

"I am incredibly happy with this program! I would tell someone considering joining the Outreach360 program that they will not regret it. At first, I was scared to participate in fear that my Spanish was not good enough or that my anxiety would prevent me from effectively teaching the students. I was completely wrong. In this Outreach360 family, I have found kindness, passion, dedication, and a sense of community. Everyone I met was there to support me, whether it was the students helping me expand my Spanish vocabulary or the teachers whom I worked with along the way. I am so grateful to have gotten to experience such a wonderful program, and I will definitely be coming back in the future."  

Paloma G., Red Mountain High School, Mesa, Arizona

"In this internship, I've learned a lot about Nicaraguan and Dominican culture. I've also learned some unique words in Spanish that I otherwise would not have learned. It's been tricky to communicate with native speakers, but I've definitely gotten better by the end of this internship!"

Molly B., The Branson School, Ross, California

"Hearing from one of our classes, repeatedly, that they were super excited for class and that they always looked forward specifically to our class made me feel really happy and confirmed for me that our teaching was making a positive impact and that they were enjoying what we were teaching to them. Though I sometimes felt extremely nervous before classes since I wasn't sure if things would go smoothly, the feeling of being on the screen in front of the class and teaching made me feel so confident. I am positive that this experience improved my Spanish skills, which I know will help me in the extremely challenging Spanish class ahead of me this school year. The laughs and smiles that we shared in our classes will surely stick with me."

Sydney G., The Hotchkiss School, Salisbury, Connecticut


Outreach360 Promise

We promise that by the end of your summer internship, you will have:

  • Improved and expanded your use of the Spanish language.

  • Increased your knowledge of Latin American countries and cultures. 

  • Learned valuable EFL teaching skills and gained EFL teaching experience. 

  • Developed relationships with your Latin American students and fellow interns.

  • Had fun!

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