Our Corporate Values

We value causing transformation, a real change in how others and ourselves see our role in the world. To cause transformation, we:

Empower - Encourage and support others through increasing accountabilities.

Acknowledge - Create a future for people through genuine and generous acknowledgment.

Involve - Continually focus on involving people in the Outreach360 community (volunteers, donors, and community) to create possibilities for more and more people.

Value Personal and Professional Development - Embrace learning opportunities for others and ourselves.

Play Big - Taking action to create significant opportunities while appropriately managing risks.

We value producing results, making a real and measurable difference in the world. To produce results, we:

Surprise and Delight - Provide our partners with the most consistent, impactful, and memorable experience possible – strive to exceed expectations.

Create Team - Create teams and teamwork that produce powerful results in all areas of the organization, WHILE having affinity and possibility in all conversations and relationships.

Work Selectively, Smart, and Hard - Purposefully choosing and prioritizing our work, doing the work intelligently and efficiently, and being willing to do what it takes to successfully complete the work.

Use the Best Tools for the Job - Investing in the training and products, which will enable us to produce results efficiently and effectively.

Use Standards and Measurements - Embracing standards and objectives for all that we do, and consistently and relentlessly measuring our progress.