Drawing strength from the experience, diversity, talents, and resources of our volunteers, Outreach360 promotes innovative education as a solution to the challenges of poverty and as a sustainable path towards a Life of Choice. You and your church will fill a critical role by providing engaging and meaningful learning activities for students in our Learning Centers, in local schools, and in neighborhood camps. Although our program differs from traditional mission trips focused on short-term, tangible projects such as building a house or conducting a Bible study camp, Outreach360 trips provide a powerful opportunity for church teams to be involved in sustainable development. 

Hear from other churches.

"Getting to teach at the school for the week and going to the market were both amazing experiences. Outreach360 is a highly organized and well-run mission. They give you the freedom to use your creativity and ideas in a pre-planned, empowering environment.

Marce K., La Campagne Ministries

Why Outreach360?
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In 25 years and with over 22,000 volunteers, our health and safety practices have won the trust and confidence of hundreds of families with children of all ages.


Our emphasis on keeping costs low makes it possible for us to offer one of the most affordable international volunteer programs available. Cost shouldn't stand in the way of an experience like this.


We pride ourselves on being sustainable by prioritizing community involvement, local partnerships, guiding volunteer principles and values, and much much more.


From the moment you arrive at the airport in-country until you depart, we've got it covered. So, you can focus on the important things, like your service and your teammates.

Important Considerations:

We ensure that volunteers of all faiths are welcome and comfortable at Outreach360's volunteer programs. Nonetheless, our program's focus is on bringing diverse people together to generate change in the communities we serve through education and it is likely you will be volunteering with people of different or no faith. As a religious volunteer, here are some important things to consider:

  • There will be time set aside and space available for devotions and worship throughout the week. As a team, you can choose to have your own devotion and worship time or to invite other volunteers to join you. As an individual or family, you can coordinate devotion and worship time with other volunteers. You are welcome to invite Outreach360 leaders to join you, but you should not expect them to lead a devotion or worship time.

  • There will be arrangements made for you to attend an optional local church service. It is likely that not all volunteers will choose to attend. If you are interested in attending a specific service, such as Catholic mass, please communicate that beforehand.

  • Before meals, you will be able to participate in personal prayer or pray with other volunteers. We do not coordinate prayer for all volunteers before meals.

  • Living and working in this environment with other volunteers with different backgrounds and beliefs provides a great opportunity to create relationships. You are welcome to share with other volunteers in a mature way. However, we do share with all our volunteers that Outreach360 is not a religious organization and that they will not be evangelized.

To summarize, you should consider joining Outreach360 if: 
  • You are interested in a service-learning mission trip.

  • You are comfortable working with volunteers of different or no faith.

  • You are mature in your faith and are looking to contribute to the global community. There are opportunities to grow your faith on an Outreach360 trip, butt they will be self-generated by you and your team.

You should probably not join Outreach360 if:
  • You desire a mission trip centered around evangelism.

  • You prefer to only participate on a mission trip with volunteers of the same faith.

  • You are new to your faith and are seeking an experience that will provide spiritual nurturing. This is not Outreach360's focus and our leaders are not equipped to provide such an experience.


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