The Carolyn Nelson Scholarship Fund
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About Carolyn

The Carolyn Nelson Scholarship Fund was established to honor the memory of Carolyn A. Nelson, volunteer and financial supporter of Outreach360 since its beginnings in 1994, and mother of Outreach360 Founder/CEO Tom Eklund. 


Over the years, Carolyn has volunteered writing thank you notes for the organization, sent Christmas presents in the early years to each of the children living at the orphanage in Monte Cristi, and has supported the organization financially on an annual basis. 

Before passing away on February 8, 2019, Carolyn requested that any memorial gifts be given to Outreach360. The Carolyn Nelson Scholarship Fund was created with those initial donations and will go towards providing scholarships to qualified Outreach360 students attending university, as well as fund Outreach360's Annual English Bee. 

Carolyn was a teacher, and education was very important to her. We are proud to honor her memory in this way. Your donation to the Carolyn Nelson Memorial Scholarship Fund will be used to help fund Outreach360 students to attend university and make their dreams reality.

About the English Bee

The English Bee is an annual event in which our students in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic compete with one another in their knowledge of a list of 500-1,000 vocabulary words. After hearing a vocabulary word spoken, the students must correctly translate and use the word in a sentence in English in order to pass on to the next round. The top three winners for each English level are awarded the beginnings of a university scholarship from the Carolyn Nelson Scholarship Fund. They then go on to compete at an international level with the top three winners of the same level in the other country. The English Bee not only inspires our students to focus on expanding their vocabulary, but it also prompts even our youngest students to start thinking about pursuing higher education.


Questions about the Carolyn Nelson Scholarship?