About Aidil

Aidil Acosta is 22  years old. She was born and raised in Monte

Cristi, the Dominican Republic and joined Outreach360's Learning 

Center when she was 12 years old. Along with her brother Caleb, Aidil

progressed through the Outreach360 Learning Center classes quickly and graduated from the program just four years later. Following graduation, Aidil was accepted to a university in the capital, Santo Domingo; she is now making her way through Medical School! During her school breaks, Aidil returns to Monte Cristi to lead volunteer teams and support current Outreach360 students. In return, Aidil receives financial support from generous Outreach360 donors committed to seeing her living a Life of Choice! As Aidil navigates Medical School, she is still looking for supporters who will help cover the cost of her tuition through the remainder of her education! 

Hola! My name is Aidil and I am studying to become a doctor thanks to Outreach360!
Hear from Aidil herself.

Check out this video to hear what Aidil, her brother Caleb, their parents, and a teacher have to say about Aidil's experience with Outreach360.

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